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Madam'e Libbi May 09 Club Keys



Called round at club Keys, rang the door bell and was let in by the receptionist, went to the counter and he said, last lady has just been booked, I said how many are working tonight, he said 3.


I had noticed that there was a blonde lady in thigh length boots standing behind him and with her back towards me sorting a few bits and pieces out. She turned her head, looked at me and said, come back in 1/2hr and I’ll give you a good time. I looked at her and said OK, I’ll be back in 1/2hr.


Upon that I went back to my car and drove down the road to give it a wash. Once the car was washed and with the drive back to Club Keys the 1/2hr was just about up. Rang the door bell, went in and paid $240 for 1hr and was shown into a small lounge to wait.


After about 5mins she comes in to get me and takes me to her room. Once in the room I suddenly realise I never asked her about her service or even her name. She had taken me to the dungeon and I thought what the bloody hell have I let myself in for?


I say to her, I never asked you your name? She says Madame Libby, I say owe, does that mean we have sex or not? She says yes we can have sex, but what it means is that I can pick and choose who I have sex with; I don’t have sex with everyone.


She leaves me to shower for the usual amount of time. Upon her return I have just finished drying, she gets undressed and we get on the bed together. She says to me, now what ever I do to you, I will not leave any marks.


She gives little mok a fondle and a tug, then says turn over on your front, with this comes a little bit of a massage on my back and shoulders, there is some biting going on as well, not too hard. She moves down to my bum and starts biting my cheeks. This puts lead in my pencil, as the side of my cheeks is one of my erogenous zones. She puts one of her hands under me and has a fondle and a little tiggle. She now wants me to turn over. Once I turn over little mok is standing proudly to attention.


On with the condom and she now stands on the bed, one leg either side of my chest, she bends over to give me a cbj from the standing position, which inturn opens everything up nicely about 18" above my head. She has a piercing, not quite sure which bit is pierced but she told me to aim my finger just above it, for that is where her clit is, this I unduly do and alternate between her clit and slipping a finger in her moist opening. I must say I have never viewed one like this before; it certainly gives you a good view.


She now climbs on little mok for reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, then sits sideways on me with both legs one side and both arms the other and just slides up and down on little mok very slowly. She now gets off and we go for doggie with her on all fours at the end of the bed and me standing, we do this for a few minutes.


She now tells me to withdraw; she takes the condom off and kneels in front of me and starts rubbing her nipples with the end of little mok . This feels quite nice actually as both her nipples are pierced with something like a straight bar with a ball on each end to stop them coming out. I fondle her left breast as she plays with little mok on her right breast.


She starts to give me a hand job, after a while she tells me to take over and keeps telling me how she wants to see my load on her breasts. I don’t want to disappoint her and about 2 mins later I don’t. She cleans us up and we lay on the bed for a chat.


Round two doesn’t consist of much. She straddles me opens her pussy and pushes it against my balls and the base of little mok and gives me a hand job to completion, while I fondle her breasts.


All the way through the booking, she kept telling me what she would like to do to me, rap me in this, put that on there etc. I just listened to what she was saying and didn’t agree with her at all, so maybe that’s why she didn’t do most of it.


In the end I had quite a vanilla service with a couple of positions and things I’ve never tried before but it was quite an enjoyable experience probably mainly because you weren’t quite sure what was going to happen.


I did ask about kissing half way through the booking, her answer was that if you become a regular, a very regular, regular it would be included. I didn’t ask about Daty.


Madame Libby.


Age early 40’s but looks early 30’s


Height 5’ 2"


Hair Long Blonde


Body Size 8


Boobs Large B Small C (natural)


Pussy Shaven.



Would I see her again? The service she provides is not what I usually go for, so maybe if I was in the right mood.





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