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Natalie May 09 Southside X



Called into Southside X, having never been there before wasn’t sure what to expect. Once inside it reminded me of an English pub, quite smallish reception area with seats and what looks like a bar in the corner (serving soft drinks only offcourse).


The guy at the bar told me to go and wait in the corner and he would send the girls over.

First lady comes over, a fairly mature lady, I can’t remember her name, oral on her was included but wanted $20 extra for kissing. Second lady comes over, her name was Natalie, her service also included oral on her except she wanted $50 for kissing.


The guy comes over and says that’s the two that are available, there is one more, he looks up at the screen and says (can’t remember her name) has 20 mins to go but has a half hour booking after with ----- and points to a guy sitting over the other side of the room.


It’s make your mind up time. I have about 1hr and 20 mins before I have to pick somebody up, I don’t normally pay for any extras as I tend to go for W/L’s that have what I wont included, but on this occasion the two that did intro’s both wanted extra so I weigh the options up. First lady was out of the question, didn’t like the way she did her intro. Last one was going to be to long. Thought about going somewhere else, but time was a factor, so went with lady no2, $185 for the hour + $50 for the kissing (I did make sure tongues would be involved before hand).


I go to the counter and pay, the receptionist gives me a glass of lemonade. Natalie has been waiting for me, then takes me upstairs. Once in the room I hand over the extra.

Now the room is a fair size with a double shower and spa bath which are both behind a very low level wall (for want of a better way of describing it) to stop any water spillage.


I get undressed and Natalie does an inspection, then I take a shower. While I’m having the shower she stays in the room with me sitting on the bed, this is the first time I have come across this, not that it worries me. Once I’ve finished and dried myself she buzzes down to reception to say we are starting and the lights are dimmed, not sure if that was by her or reception.


She gets undressed and we get on the bed together, we lay face to face, both of us with one of our arms across each other. Now for the kissing, with tongue nice and slow. I start to fondle her left breast as she fondles little mok. Little mok responds well and stands up proudly. She now puts a condom on and starts a bj which is not bad. She now comes up for more kissing.


I move down for some Daty. I spend about 10mins down there before she comes. I Move my way back up and look at her, she smiles at me and I smile back, she now kisses me long and slow with her tongue gently burrowing its way into my mouth. There is a lot of fondling going on; she has ample breasts about a large D in size and natural with rather nice nipples that just have to be sucked.


Little mok has been proudly standing to attention all through this, so Natalie decides its time for cowgirl, then missionary and last doggy. After a while (10 -15 min) I decide to have a rest and lay down.

We start kissing and fondling each other again which leads me into masturbating her into having a second orgasm.

When she’s recovered she sets about finishing me off by hand with plenty of kissing and nipple play. It’s not long before I to have reached my goal.


While the last act was going on I started to notice the lights every so often would get a little brighter and by the end where at the brightness of when we first went into the room. Sort of gives the lady a countdown of how long to go, over a few minutes.


Into the shower, although we both showered at the same time, there is two shower heads and at her request we use separate ones.

We dress; she sorts the room out, walk back down stairs, we say are goodbyes and as I walk out, receptionist says goodnight.






Age early 20’s she did tell me, but I can’t remember if she said 22 or 24.


Height 5’0" – 5’1"


Hair short wavy Brown.


Body/Boobs 12 large D (natural).


Pussy shaven.



Would I see her again? Yes I probably would. Haven’t got any qualms with the service, just not into paying extra’s. But having said that it’s still $5 less with the extra $50 than Club Keys and indeed only $5 more than LFG!





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