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Stop me stop me stop me if you think that you have heard this one before




I hate to start my new blog by coming up swinging but these are the times and this is the deal



Melbourne is known for our impecible clientele from brothel to private i have had the best experiences with melb clients 


But this week I've had 2 cancels for no good reason 

, and two no shows and men offering $200 For a booking. 


They may seem funny or insignificant to you but I run a business and I take it seriously and although I  have fun in My bookings, majority of my job is just that, a job, and a self lone run business that is really hard alot of the time especially running it alone with no prior business runninh experience


Not to mention the toll the job takes on us as female sex workers, the sex, the health issues along with that, the obvious and non obvious dangers, the expenses, discriminstion, life sacrifices, ungrateful clients telling u to hurry  up whem they dont even understand the sacrifices we are making to entertain them for an hour. This job can take bites our of your paradise if you let it, and the fight to not let it can be fatal. 


Its also not free to be a escort it costs me around over $1000 a weel easy to be a escort. That's before I get paid. 


Which is why I have a very strict cancellation policy 24 hours or less before the booking  because once you make that booking that money is spent.  Especially with inflation so high. It's a struggle so if you think you going to cancel or not show, then dont book. And if you do cancel you still have to pay me and i let you uae the credit to rescedule for another date. Which is fare and doesn't throw my books way off. And I don't end up owing rent or someone doesn't get paid.


So can we up our game Melb? Do you want high quality smart sexy cool escorts to book, because girks likd us will just stop working if its not worth our paradise being eaten. What makes it worth it is cool fun reliable honest clients who I have so much fun with  99% of mine and i genuinely care for my regs. 


But if that level of client drops so do the cool  sexy escorts and you will be left with the desperate or the sex slaves. Yayyyyy that will be fun.....


Appreciate escorts. You guys are the ones who need and want us. Imagine a world without us??! So please stop the time wasting and the cancelling theb running and not paying the fees or the ghosting  

We deserve more respect than that because that's all I ever give my clientele. Because u literally respect them.


But I can see that fading at thiz rate and im not the only one. Alot of Melb girls moving to Sydney or gold coast. Because the business here is becoming very disrespectful. 


Remember- you want a city full of quality escorts so stop being rude to them. 


Respect us, respect our business and practices and follow the rules a assume if you make rules you hope they get followed. 


Treat people how you want to be treated  it's that easy 


Ok cool and to all my quality clients still out there  thank you for treating us like regular humans xxx Vivian V melb private escort verified on scarlet  blue & escorts and  babes. 0460518891 to  make a booking to meet ! Or check out https://www.escortsandbabes.com.au/Profile/VIC/Melbourne/Independent/PremiumEscortVivianV/ for all my info and specials xxx


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