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Vivian V and E.V.E cyborg escorts from 50 years into the future. Singularity has hit and the verdict is in. FULL SERVICE PSE to celebrate ALL NIGHT LONG. 


What's everyone worried about? Lol. 




💋💋Vivian V 


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Stop me stop me stop me if you think that you have heard this one before

I hate to start my new blog by coming up swinging but these are the times and this is the deal   SO Melbourne is known for our impecible clientele from brothel to private i have had the best experiences with melb clients    But this week I've had 2 cancels for no good reason  , and two no shows and men offering $200 For a booking.    They may seem funny or insignificant to you but I run a business and I take it seriously and although I  have fun in My book


vincent_gallo in Vivian V Cyborg Blog

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