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Un-retiring is a bit daunting

Melanie of Sydney


I have no idea how to what where anymore... but I am going to give it a red hot go.

Looking back at the last things in my activity reel here - me heavily pregnant quite a while ago now. I had big plans to be doing all sorts during lactation and beyond but my health really was not cooperative.

I'm a few apparently inessential parts down now - but every time another organ went I felt that bit better.

The beginning of this year everything seemed to kick back in - my long missing libido came back with epic force. The not far behind it came my kinks - also geared up a notch. Then I got back into doing things and traveling places and it has to be a midlife crisis - but I am having a pretty good time I must say.


Dunno if a dirty old bitch like me is still marketable - but I guess I will find out.....

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