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Michelle November 09 Southside X



I had a look at Southside X's website and saw that Michelle was working, so phone them and make a booking for an hour.


Upon arrival I pay the receptionist $165 for the hour, get my drink and wait while she goes to get her. She returns with Michelle, she says hello------- and leads me up to the room.


On our way up she says to me, you haven't stayed with me before, have you? I say no, she says, well I'll be upfront and tell you I charge $30 extra each for kissing and oral on me (which I already knew), think about it while you're having a shower and let me know.


She had stayed in the room with me, so once out of the shower, I hand over the money, she buzzes down and the lights are lowered, we face each other, I slowly remove her dress as we kiss then bra and knickers, we both get on the bed, still kissing and fondling her breasts, sucking her nipples.


She gets a condom, puts it on for CBJ, I play with her pussy at the same time, she comes back up for more kissing, she sits on top of me, more kissing and fondling, sucking of breasts.


I lay her on her back and pleasure her with Daty. She tells me she likes it, I munch away for 15mins or so, slipping the odd finger in now and then.


She climbs on for cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, then doggie and last Missionary, we rest for a couple of minutes, then go for 69, now the lights have started to brighten, so she climbs off, takes off the condom and finishes me by hand while DFKing me as I play with her breasts.


Shower time and get dressed, we have a little talk downstairs before we say are goodbyes.









Age 18


Height 5'6"


Body/Boobs 10/C natural


Hair Red fairly long


Pussy trimmed short.


Would I see her again? Yes



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