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Lacy(aka Tanzie) November 09 Pickwood Lodge



I had noticed a new W/L had appeared on FIA, Tanzie is her name, we exchanged a few PM's in which I requested some information about her, turns out she is a private escort and she sent me a link to her website, where all relevant information can be found Now I quite liked the sound of her and was thinking of making a booking when she told me she would be doing a shift at Pickwood lodge starting at 9.00pm (under the name of Lacy), why don't you come along, it would be great to finally meet you she said, I replied I would definitely try and get there.


This was a weekday evening and being a weekday for reasons I'm not going to go into, I couldn't set out before 10.30pm to go there. Came in on the Eastern Freeway and turned right onto Lygon Street, looked at the street numbers and saw 700 and something, so thought shit going the wrong way, so turned round and went the other way. Upon reaching the desired number of 120 I realised what I had done, I had still been in Carlton when I saw the 700ish number, so turned around again and went back up Lygon Street until I noticed the numbers start at 1 again, now I was in East Brunswick, it didn't take long to find Pickwood Lodge.


From where I live and with going the wrong way it took me 1 1/2hrs to get there, parked in the street and walked up to the building through a door into a small sort of greeting area where you can speak to the receptionist. She says hello, are you looking for someone in particular, I say Lacy, she says sorry Lacy has just been booked come back in 1/2hr, then I here a voice say I'll see him before I go into the booking, so am let into the building properly so I can talk with Lacy. If I hadn't have gone the wrong way, I would have been there before this other guy.


She greets me at the door, my first thought was, my god she is a stunner, we walk over to the other side of the room, sit down and have a chat. First of all I tell her who I am, she says yes I realise that and thanks me for coming to see her, she never mentioned the mix up with Rumpole to me (see his review), After our chat, she said, you can stay with someone else if you want to (because of the 1/2hr booking) I said no, I came here to see you, I'll wait. As it was, I did intro all the other girls while I was waiting. Receptionist comes over and asks if it was still Lacy I wanted to see, I said yes. With that she said would you like a drink, so had an OJ, paid the receptionist and watched some TV.


When Lacy comes back to collect me, she says how long have we got, I say 1hr, she says oh good, I much prefer an hour, can get to know someone a little better. In the room she says perv time, drop em. With that passed she leaves me to shower. Upon her return she takes off her little black dress which had done a marvellous job of showing off her long legs. We get on the bed together, lay there cuddling, talking and kissing; this girl certainly knows how to kiss (full on DFK).


She then sits on me, I remove her bra and a good set of C cups come into view, can't resist just have to taste them, they taste divine, she likes having her breasts sucked, nipples are very responsive, more kissing, more nipple play.


We now swap positions and remove her knickers; I move up for more kissing, nibble her ears, neck, shoulders and breasts. Run my tongue across her stomach to that very smooth area between her legs and set about the task of pleasuring her, what a sweet tasting pussy this is, I could gladly spend all my time down there. After ten minutes or so she climaxes and I crawl back up for more kissing, more fondling of her breasts.


She puts a condom on little mok and starts to pleasure me orally, this feels good; it goes on for about 10 minutes, she then moves to the 69 position, we spend a fare few minutes just feasting on each other. Lacy then climbs on for cowgirl, more fondling of those breasts, she drops down for more kissing, doggie next, now for me doggie is either good or bad, theres no in between (case of getting the angle right) with Lacy it was good. We change to missionary, more sucking of breasts, more kissing; I put her legs over my shoulders and push in deep, back to cowgirl. Lacy starts riding slow and builds to a reasonable speed, she cums for the second time.


Now time is almost up so Lacy sets about finishing me by hand. A satisfactory conclusion is reached.


Not a vintage performance by Mok, as it was now getting close to 2am and he was feeling rather tied; we shower and dress, walk out to reception and say our goodbyes. By the time I got home and went to bed, I had about 2hrs sleep before I had to get up to go to work, I felt knackered the next day but totally worth it.



Lacy (Tanzie)


Age 20


Height 5'10"


Body/Boobs 8-10/C-natural


Hair Brunette/just past the shoulder


Pussy Shaven


Would I see her again? Absolutely.



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