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Heather D'Cruze May 2009



Well it finally happened, thepumper has now indulgedin the overnight experience with the lovely Heather D’Cruze.




I’ve been considering andsearching for some time, looking at the options and assessing the risks to dothe overnight session. Heather came along and it was my time, feedback fromothers on the forum plus something in my gut said do it pumper, do it.


So I did and I have no regretsand only incredible wonderful feelings that come after something sospectacular.


Arranging my booking was easywith Heather, just like trying to catch up with an old girlfriend. Everythingstraight forward, day, time, hotel, etc.


Then on the day the hardquestions, what is your favorite colour?? Gosh, what do I know I love them all.


Heather arrived exactly ontime, plenty of texts and funny banter on the way, passionate greeting, sexyelevator ride to the room to drop off the essentials, back down to the taxi,out to dinner, great fun plenty of laughs and conversation was continuous andrefreshing.


Heather is a very bright,bubbly, happy, sexy, erotic woman, this is her chosen vocation and if everthere was a woman better suited to this line of work I wouldn’t know. ClearlyHeather loves being around men and everything that comes with it.




Now I’m not going to go intothe gritty pornographic details of what we did behind closed doors or in theback seat of the taxi on the way back to the hotel or in the elevator of thehotel or in the cocktail lounge of the hotel but, suffice to say neither of uswanted for anything. The sexual experience was completely fulfilling as weindulged each other until the very early hours of the morning.


Then room service breakfast inthe morning and we indulged even further.


Heather is like a chameleon,dressed in her finest she is elegant, refined and sexy, disrobed and unleashedshe is a sexual tiger, accomplished, unscripted and unbridled.




Heather is not a clock watcher,if it wasn’t for the fact that the two of us were completely knackered and Ihad a plane to catch I couldn’t have wanted for a better person to just hangout with and waste the day away.




Heather is great at what shedoes, she is not for the faint hearted or newbie punter although I may say sheis very adaptable to many different situations.




Great experience and worthy offollow up.




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