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Highlanders Rebecca May 2009



It's been a while since I'vedipped my toe in the top end of the escort market and for various personalreasons I was sure I would ever go there again.




After meeting Rebecca the othernight at the FIA Melbourne drinks night I decided it was time to strap on theold punting boots (as if I ever take them off) and make a date with a hot anddirty blonde.


The night rolled around and aknock on the door, open it to reveal a lovely smiling 5'9" dirty blondetanned lady, I'd guess mid to late 20's, natural full C cup bust.


I invite Rebecca in we knockthe top off a white and settle in to catch up, instantly we a laughing andtelling dirty jokes like we were old pals. Laughing at the stories of Theplayers mentor anally assaulting that poor girl he was talking about during theFIA session.




I thought we would at leastfinish the first glass of wine before diving in but Rebecca had other ideas, ina flash she is kissing me with those lovely plump lips, DFK all the way,groping, fondling, and then it's off with the dress over the head of allthings. Revealing an all over tan, no tan lines and curves in all the rightplaces. It was then that I got to comprehend the most incredible Brazilian ButtI've seen and sampled in a long time.




More groping and kissing and myclothes find their way to the floor and it's on for all as if we were highschool sex pots (Rebecca probably was).


Suddenly I'm hard as wood andRebecca very skillfully teases with some lovely oral on me, a few minutes ofthat and I can't help but push her onto the bed and impale my tongue to returnthe oral pleasures. Some very concentrated DATY ensued until Rebecca wascontent then it was my turn at which time she expertly completed thepumper orally like a girlon a mission.




Round one out of the way, alittle drink break and it's on for round two. Rebecca was doing her bestBrazilian Butt pose over the side table in the room which provided a greatopportunity to engage and all sorts of dirty play.




We engaged in all shapes andcontortions of sex, many positions that ended with some rather fine eruptionsfrom the lovely Rebecca. There is no faking it with this girl, she loves sex,the hotter and harder the wetter she got, until both the pumper and the lovelyRebecca were completely drained literally.




Great session and now Rebeccafully comprehends the reason behind my alias 'Thepumper'.




Summation: looks 8.5/10.


Personality: 11/10


Sexual prowess: 10/10.




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