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Pumper does the UK angelsordevils Kimberley March 2009



Ok Guys here is my secondattempt to the lovely ladies from UK escort scene.




A lot less jet lagged now, Islept for 16 hours my second night so here I am third night, back from businessmeetings and dinner looking now to scratch my itch.




The sec scene in the Northernpart of the UK is very liberal as testament to the high level of serviceinclusions as standard with most of the agencies but on this occasion I thoughtgive Angels and Devils another run and see what happens.




Call placed and Kimberleybooked, http://www.angelsordevils.com/leeds-escort...eds_escort.html,as before she called me back and confirmed the booking, arrived bang on timedressed in the usual long English winter coat which when removed revealed theblack corset and heels looking exactly like her photo.




Now I am not normally to fussedabout breasts, I've played with big ones, small ones, fake ones, and everythingin between but I have to comment that these two lovely natural E cup melonswere a sight to behold held up nicely by some great Engineering.




The usual chit chat, drinksession took place, then her boobs pop out and its my turn to dine and enjoythe best assets the UK has to share with me on this night... during shat I findout that she has in the past been a page 3 girl many moons ago because of herample breasts... mmmm.... I say as I continue to dine happily.




Kimberley is a little youngerthen I like but she is definitely more then 21 years of age... all the rest ofthe evening was the usual with plenty of bbbj and one almighty pumper sessionwhich she seemed very much to enjoy....the pumper had much more stamina at thissession due to recevery from jet lag.




Lovely brunette British babe,great BBBJ, great sex, great spanish, great sex (oh I'd said that already)...really enjoyed my trip to the Northern part of the UK, this agency has sometrue wonders to offer.


The girls are friendly thepricing very fair and the service complete without need to discuss extras...funny I did ask about the extras policy with Kimberley and she giggled and said'what are you talking about- we either do something standard or we don't) quiterefreshing I have to say..




Oh I nearly forgot, both thesegirls I have reviewed and in fact all the girls on the agency go for 280 quidfor two hours, that roughly A$600 in todays rates. Pretty good deal I thinkcompared to some other places.




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