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Right of Reply to Spanish Jennifer Review

I go away for a couple of weeks and come back to see a fake review of Jennifer floating around. This post is my unbiased assessment of the credibility of the reviewer and the review itself


Complexity Of A Woman

A graphiphical representation of the true complexity of the fairer sex.


Things I've Often Wondered

I've often wondered .......


Parallel Universe

There is a parallel universe where ........


My New Career As A Hooker - I Need Your Advice With My Ad

I'm after a change to my day job and happened on to this great idea. I'm going to become a male hooker for lonely, mature women. Any help refining the advertisement will be appreciated.


Love or Just an Onion Skin

A slight redefinition of the ambiguous little word "love".


A Rhyming Slang Review

An imaginary review done in rhyming slang just for a bit of fun.


Mystery Woman Symphony in Four Movements

Mystery Woman reviewed under mysterious circumstances in a very mysterious way.


Punter's Lament

A happy old cheetah and a feisty young lioness formed one of the jungles strange alliances. One day they played together without a care in the world. The next, without warning, a disputation with much hissing and roaring, about the smallest of matters lead to a sad ending to the tale.


Punter's Delight

After a strange course of events, six months later, the cheetah and the lioness found a way to repair the damage. Again the two formed a strange alliance and the hissing and roaring was replaced with much licking and purring.


Juanita - The Crimson Rose

The relationship that can develop between a trusted Mistress and her doting slave can be very powerful. This story scratches the surface of such a relationship between myself and once famous Melbourne mistress. The parts are played by Leon and Mistress Juanita respectively.


Note: The non-BDSM chapters are purely fictional and are included to complete the story. In addition, the activities experience by other than Leon have been written based on discussions with various mistresses and are not purported to be my own experience.


Chapter 1 - Leather and Lace

An introduction to Leon's world of fetish and fantasy as we peak behind the scenes of a typical session experienced by Leon with his favourite mistress, Mistress Jaunita. The session involves flogging, caning, slave training and foot worship. It shows a growing closeness between this beautiful mistress and her doting slave.


Chapter 2 - Tequila Sunrise

Leon and his wife Carina, entertain themselves in South America and Mexico on an annual holiday to relax from the busy helter skelter world they live in from day to day. The type of relationship that these two enjoy is made clear to the reader. Leon has some need growing inside which he can't identify or explain.


Chapter 3 - Fetish and Fantasy

This chapter introduces some of the wacky characters that work at the dungeon known as the Fetish and Fantasy. A typical sissy-slut session is witnessed as is some of the behaviours of these girls when they are not with their clients.


Chapter 4 - The First Encounter

This chapter describes Leon's ground breaking first visit to The Fetish and Fantasy where he meets Mistress Juanita. Leon thoroughly enjoys his first BDSM session enormously which was made better by his intant deep attraction to Juanita's intense beauty.


Chapter 5 - Alexander Nevski

The fifth chapter explores a little of the phyical beauty of Juanita as well as providing some insight into her personality and background. The scene is set with Juanita and her close friend Damon, as they spend a night at the symphony.


Mussel Dreaming - A Metaphor

A silly little thing about the many similarities between the common mussel and one of my favorite things.


Fucked Over In Mumbai

A little story about my failure to successfully punt during a six month spell in Mumbai, India.


Fucked Over In Taipei

A little story about my failure to punt successfully during an extended period in Taipei, Taiwan.


Reviews and Reviewing

My personal thoughts on the interesting topic of Reviews and Reviewing.


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