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Index of 2006 In Shag Miles!



This year I started by seeing my local regular Elise at Amore. Unfortunately Elise stopped existing as such not long after. No new review of her in this forum but I wrote an exclusive one for SINA (Now available here). I also saw my Melbourne regular Rebecca at The Grosvenor a few times, and I intend to keep seeing her but not reviewing any longer. So that only leaves the new girls on this list, with the exception of Holly (aka Gucci Girl), whom I saw and reviewed a second time, however at a different parlour. The only other unreviewed repeat visits apart from those to Elise and Rebecca, have been to Lily at Liaisons, whom I’ve seen twice, and to Eva at Allure, whom I’ve been seeing almost regularly since I first met her, and I may even see her again before the year is over but there won’t be a review of the event anyway.


The list below is practically triple the amount than last year’s one, and including the girls above, it means I’ve been with 38 different gals. However, last year I was more faithful to my regulars, and therefore when it comes to the amount of sessions, that huge difference is a bit deceiving, even when undoubtedly I did punt a lot more this year… and that despite my master plan of saving money. I thought that by booking half hour or 45 min. sessions with different girls, I’d save money… well, I was wrong!


Paris at Pickwood Lodge, Brunswick

Very experienced and professional. I did have a good time with her despite not being the kind of girl I’m generally attracted to, physically or mentally.


Holly at Manhattan Terrace, Carlton

Gucci Girl! What can I say? This was the second time I saw her and she did her best. Despite an overall good time, for moments it seemed that we were dancing to a different tune. I do miss her though and who knows where she is now!


Shannon at Manhattan Terrace, Kings Cross

She presented herself, or I should say, the receptionist presented her as no nonsense, no extras kind of girl in a parlour where I hadn’t had a recent great experience. She did offer BBBJ as an extra but at $100 I had to decline. She fell asleep after the coitus.


Stephanie at Allure, Annandale

This is another one I would have liked meeting again to see in which direction a second session would have gone. Young, very young and she looked even younger. I felt a bit like a cradle snatcher with Steph… but she is a real nymphette.


Cleo In Sydney, Private, Potts Point

The lovely Cleo, my first private (apart from Dominika in Prague a few years ago). She’s sadly missed by many and with good reason. Her natural oral was great… actually, everything was great about her service. A shame I did not get to see her a second time.


Bree at Club 121, Pyrmont

Not the raunchiest service you could ask for, but we did click and this is another one that I don’t know why I did not see again (yet she’s been in and out of 121’s roster). Something tells me that it would get better with subsequent visits. Beautiful face.


Chantelle at Allure, Annandale

A pommy who provides a raunchy excellent service. You can’t go wrong with Chantelle. Maybe we didn’t click that much at a mental level but I would book her again.


Lucy Blake, Private, Sydney CBD

“The” Lucy Blake… well, some love her, some hate her but what a professional! I had an excellent time with Lucy and will see her again in the new year.


Lily at Liaisons, Edgecliff

I saw Lily twice, this review belongs to the first time. The second visit got much, much better, including those “hard to find” things tossed in for bugger all! Top girl.


Brooke at Liaisons, Edgecliff

A Gold Coast beach babe. She does look like a Playboy bunny. I did have a good time with her but her looks are the most remarkable aspect. Works only occasionally.


Eva at Allure, Annandale

She’s the girl I’ve seen the most times this year. We just clicked at a mental level (never mind that she’s gorgeous too) and things have only got better.


Leah at Liaisons, Edgecliff

A daytime punt at Liaisons and for some reason Leah is a bit blurry in my mind. I do remember her great boobs and friendly personality though.


Lucy at Liaisons, Edgecliff

One night I went looking for Lily and she wasn’t there. The receptionist recommended Lucy as a suitable replacement and she was pretty cute and sweet (while Lily is more of a naughty girl!)


Hayley at The Grosvenor, Collingwood

Hayley, I wouldn’t mind seeing her again. She presented herself a bit like the ghost of another girl I used to see at the G.


A night out in Melbourne with D71 and Slurpee. A visit to a couple of striptease clubs, where I couldn't help myself and had some lap dances from Montana at Centerfolds and from Angeline and Claire at Dallas.


Holly at The Grosvenor, Collingwood

(Not Gucci Girl) A very professional WL, I had a good time… she should get rid of her pubic hair though.


Amber at The Candy Club, Richmond

With model’s looks and porn star tricks, it’s difficult not to fall for this girl that I will be seeing again for sure next time I head to Melbourne.


Paige at Allure, Annadale

I met Paige at the beginning of her career. Beautiful girl but lacking a bit in the service department. I wonder if that has changed. A little bird told me that Paige is not Paige any longer and that she’s back as a blonde called Ivy… I ought to try Ivy in 2007 to see what else has changed!


Mercedes at Stiletto, Camperdown

An extremely fuckable woman, beautiful too. If it wasn’t because Stiletto’s prices I would have seen her again already, and I probably will.


Margarita at S-Studio 2, Warsaw

My first punt in Poland. Learning my way around; interesting but apart from the cultural novelty, Margarita was nothing to write home about.


Mejka, Private, Warsaw

On the contrary, many years will go by before I forget Mejka, such a beautiful and generous girl. Some people you meet just for a day (or for an hour) yet they leave a lasting impression.


Barbie, Private, Krakow

My first CIM with a beautiful yet very cold girl. I will remember this experience too because it was quite unique.


Iva, Private, Brno

A girl providing a very good service whom I saw at her apartment in Brno. She did not leave a very lasting impression but she did not leave a bad one either.


Sharna at Show Park, Prague

This was a quickie with a pretty girl in one of those cabins Amsterdam style. What more can I say? :)


Jana at Sweet Paradise, Prague

A wild young country girl ready to do anything. I think I was the shy one there; yet I’m proud to even have had pillow talk with a girl whose language I don’t understand and vice versa.


Magdalena at Moulin Rouge, Brno

This is another girl who will leave a lasting impression in me. Beautiful manga-like character. A male fantasy come true.


Paro at Der Leierkasten, Frankfurt

Was she a beautiful lady, or a beautiful ladyboy? Nah, I’m sure she was a girl but I had my doubts back then.


Angelina at Das Rotes Haus, Frankfurt

A beautiful scam artist passing as a WL; I hope she gives up this game before she gets hurt.


Natasha, Vanessa, Sally, Gabbi, Linda, Bine, Olympia & Julia at FKK The Palace, Frankfurt

Each girl was different yet all of them beautiful; from the sublime to the average in service. However, the FKK as a concept was the great novelty here. A man’s paradise I’m actually struggling to recover from, since nothing seems as appealing anymore after that.


I left home for a punt, but I only came back with some ramblings about SWs and Indian Take-Away. Not a review as such, more an account of when the evening becomes non-eventful. ;)


Keira at Allure, Annandale

A experience still fresh. Ironically, service wise, she reminds me of Paris, the girl at the beginning of this list. Good professional service but maybe not my usual type. I just did not connect mentally despite the good time had.


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