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La Petite Aroma - 04/02/07 - Arianne



It is great to have a regular WL; I could write for hours about the advantages but it’s pretty logical really. Regulars become regulars for many reasons, we may tell a few of them, we may keep others to ourselves, but all in all is like having a girlfriend minus the hassles… ah okay, and this is a girlfriend that you share with many other blokes, and about who you may feel generous enough to come in here and write a review.




I’ve been seeing a WL regularly, to the extent that I have cut down my interstate trips and punting adventures in general. The other night she told me that soon she’d be moving on to do other things with her life. “No, you can’t” was my answer. “Why” she asked. “Because I’d be devastated”, I replied. She laughed; I was after all partly joking, but the other part of me was thinking of showing up at parlours, interrogating girls, leaving without booking anyone, more trips to Melbourne to see if my other much neglected favourite can forgive my long absence. It’s not easy being a punter in Sydney, so once you find a girl you click with, you tend to stick to her. But in reality, our favourite WLs are not our girlfriends and we are not their boyfriends. It is healthy to acknowledge the fact and go and see other girls even if you come back to them while it lasts.


So, this weekend I decided to flex my punting muscles and have a taste of things to come. For some reason, I felt lost. I couldn’t understand why, you just go to a parlour, meet everyone and if you don’t fancy anyone, you just keep going to another parlour and so on. It used to be one of my preferred pastimes; however, I was nervous, almost like if I never had done something like that. The other factor is money, of course. If I could afford it, I could easily arrange a session with a private, one of those of impeccable references given by my fellow perverts. But if I’m seeing a WL regularly, all other WLs I see on the side ought to be 30 or 45 min. bookings. Something I don’t do very often these days.


On Saturday night (same time I usually see my favourite) I decided to go and explore my local house of ill repute instead. There is this place on 244 Oxford Street that has always been a bit of a mystery to me. I think it used to be an Asian place, but then changed to all nationalities, not sure if it changed back to Asian or what. I simply don’t know because the place is far too close from home, the chances of someone who knows me seeing me go inside are higher than anywhere else. As I was approaching the place and the mystery inside it, I started to convince myself that someone was going to see me. To make things worse, I looked up at the Paddington Town Hall and saw that there was a party with people on the balconies. I decided to do a last second detour and head down to Liaisons in Edgecliff. After the walk there, the visit was pretty much carbon-copied from my previous failed one. None of the girls really took my fancy, except one cutie young thing called Natasha, but since neither kissing nor mutual oral was provided, I kept going. I asked the receptionist on my way out about Lily (who last time I saw her gave an ultra deluxe service for bugger all extra)… and she looked at me probably thinking “You dirty pervert, so that’s what you’re after!” She did not say that but confirmed to me that Lily has not worked there in months.


My feet took me to Kellett Street, Kings Cross. Again, I started feeling uneasy by so many people sitting opposite the two only parlours I’m likely to visit around there, that is, Manhattan Terrace and the one almost next door. No, I couldn’t bring myself to go in either. Instead, I kept walking to Club 121 in Pyrmont and when I was around Crown Street, I thought: “Bugger this!… I don’t even feel like fucking”… and walked back home. Something I realised is that just because I happened to find a gem who works on Saturday nights, I should not throw my punter’s wisdom through the window. Friday and Saturday nights are bad nights for punting; the personality of many of those girls has been shaped and bent by confronting the dozens of hoons that go out on those nights.


This afternoon, I got ready to go to the supermarket but kept going to La Petite Aroma in Chatswood. Yes, my mind works in mysterious ways. I haven’t been there but I associate the sunlight with great punts. The day is my night. Girls are mellow on a Sunday afternoon… if only I can find one I like. I haven’t been to LPA in ages, but I have to say that I never had a bad punt there. I was greeted by a very attractive blond receptionist. I did wonder if it was going to be a case of the receptionist being more desirable than the girls, but luckily there were enough girls to choose from, maybe five or six.




One of them, Arianne, wasn’t just my obvious choice, she was my fetish: a fitness girl. Yes, while I don’t restrict myself to that, I like them with a bit of muscle. She was very pretty apart from that. Blond or light brown straight hair, blue eyes, enhanced D-cups. She was all perfect curves on stilettos. She came into the intro room, grabbed the collar of my shirt, which was very summer-like, had a bit of a look, introduced herself and left. Not much to go about, other than I’d always love to shag a girl like that. Now, with Arianne it was one of two things: She was a stripper that would turn into a bitch as soon as we hit the room, or she was one of those quintessential Aussie gals who don’t use more words than necessary. Mind you, by then I had decided to book her, I was only wondering whether it was going to be 30 or 45 minutes. Since I figured up that Arianne was not a girl of wasting your time nor hers, I thought that half hour was okay for an introductory visit, and that would be $160, which is much better than the usual $250 I’m used to spend lately for full hour visits.


Arianne guided me upstairs with me perving at her perfectly shaped bum, gave me a quick inspection and left me so I could have a shower. After the shower I wrapped the towel around my waist and sat on the edge of bed. When Arianne returned, I stood up and explained to her that many girls don’t like wet towels on the bed. “Tell them to shut up” was her answer. She got rid of my towel and invited me to the bed. She started kissing my nipples, which albeit ticklish responded well to her soft tongue. I did the same with her. She reached for a condom, and I thought it was a tad premature but I wasn’t sure what was allowed and what not. She put the condom on a semi tough little AndyJ, and gave a pretty good CBJ. I asked her to remove her G-string and when I saw the lovely Brazilian she had done, I slowly made my way to her vagina. I started kissing her slowly down there. Gradually I started getting a visible response with her and I continue with my tongue on her clit and my finger playing inside. As Arianne started getting wet, she gave my finger a sample of things to come, when her strong vaginal wall grabbed it and gave it a bit of squeeze. This looks good I thought and since I had a condom already on (I hardly ever do at that stage), I timed her climax with me introducing my penis. Unfortunately (or fortunately for later), little AndyJ had grown and that condom was the wrong size. My penis, while not long, has a thick base that rolls condoms up if they’re not big enough. The Avanti polyutherane ones fit me perfectly and they won’t come off even if they look a bit loose on the tip… so I offered Arianne to use one of those, which feel much better anyway. Arianne was happy to oblige and off we went with missionary. Slowly, I tried to kiss her mouth but that wasn’t on offer. That’s okay, I respect that as long as it’s not offered for extra money, but there was no mention of extras. In any case, this is the first time I see her, going by past experiences, it may become available later (or maybe not).


After some missionary, I suggested doggy and my god, what a view! I quickly went looking for the wall mirror… but there wasn’t one. What a shame, just imagine the amount of masturbation material that would have given me! :) However, the dessert came in the shape of the caterpillar position, with her lying flat and her legs together. She put her muscles to great use and when I came, she squeezed every single drop out of me.


We even had time for a nice massage and chat. She turned out to be a lovely girl; yes, like I imagined in that typical Aussie way of few words but no bullshit. With her, you get what you see, and mind you, what you see is damned good. I would certainly see her again. I left Chatswood a very happy and relaxed man.


Posted by: AndyJ 29th May, 2007 - 11:43pm

I caught up with Arianne on Sunday. I had a great time but no need for a new review as her level of service hasn't changed. We had a bit more time for a chat and I told her of FIA and that there were some reviews of her. She was looking forward to reading them but maybe she came and found the server down. Anyway, I didn't tell her who this AndyJ guy was but I guess that if she comes back she'll work it out!


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