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Melbourne Colosseum - Sandy - 24/06/08 Sexy, Super, Special, Splendid - Sandy



Johnnythefox has been looking forward to catching Sandy, as six weeks have passed since engaging in an awesome double with Sandy and Champagne. Johnny narrowly missed booking her last Friday, but managed a brief 'hello' back of house to wet his appetite.


Sandy looks superb today she's wearing a pretty black body hugging dress on her size 6 frame, it's cut with a high angle on one side. She's wearing fishnet leggings, and due to the way the dress is cut, the skin of her left thigh is exposed, tempting Johnny of the pleasures that lay ahead.


Today's another great session, and as with all bookings YMMV. We spent ages on the bed, Sandy's still dressed, and we kiss, and we kiss some more, and we kiss some more again.........Johnny finally assists Sandy out of the dress, and we engage in a little foreplay.


We have a wonderful session together, we started slow, and built to a climatic finish together using every minute of the hour to the max. We've got a great connection happening, perhaps because it's our third booking, perhaps because the intro/referral given by the wonderful Champagne on our very first. Sandy's attractive, energetic, fun and a real pleasure to be with and provides a great service.


We say goodbyes, I leave her with a small tip, and Johnny promises to return before her departure back home.








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