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Melbourne Colosseum - Amy II - 13/05/08



Johnnythefox dropped by MC's this afternoon, as one of his favourite ladies - Helen is in town. Unfortunately she's busy for another 30 mins, so after a quick intro with Amy II, Johnny decides to sample another MC delicacy.


Amy's from Seoul, Korea and has been in Melbourne for perhaps eight weeks, but spent the past four weeks on holidays in Asia. She's 24 years old, size 10, B/C cup, approx 5'2"tall, medium length hair, unshaven bush, with a lovely warm smile and sweet personality. ( I asked her why Korean girls always have a bushy pussy, and she answered that in her country being shaved means 'hooker'.)


Amy's wearing a pretty two piece outfit, skirt and matching top in a bright orange colour and makes small talk as we walk hand in hand one of the rooms upstairs.


She leaves me to shower and returns a few minutes later and quickly undresses to join me on the bed. She lubes up before joining me, (so there's little chance of DATY for this fox today). I'm lying on my back and Amy starts by giving me a massage and a tease. She slides and rubs her breasts and body against Mr Wobbly, massaging him to a state of excitement.


Amy provides a decent CBJ, though one of the noisiest one I've experienced! She's positioned between my legs, far away, almost out of reach. She climbs on top of Johnny, taking him cowgirl style, and begins to grind away. She's seriously wet, and seems to be enjoying the ride, with the occasional moan. We switch to mish, and screw like this for ages.


Finally we end up in a lazy dog position, with one hand free to provide a little extra stimulation to her magic button. Amy goes off, and Johnny finally comes. Mr Wobbly's had a decent time, and still pulsates deep inside Amy, and she reciprocates by squeezing him hard with her pussy, milking him of any remaining juices.


We tidy up, and cuddle together, with a few spare minutes for a chat. For a lady who's only been in the country for a few weeks, her English is very good, and she is easy to talk too. We shower together, before a quick kiss goodbye.


Overall a reasonable punt, had better, had worse, if DATY's not your style then Amy II could be worth a visit. With only a few weeks experience, no doubt she will develop in confidence over time.




Johnny the Fox


If you never never go, you'll never never know



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