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Amore - 30/03/07 - Charlotte



I went to Amore last night.




I haven’t been there for over a year and I don’t think I’ve ever been on a Friday night. I used to see Elise there and that was my last memory of the place; it felt a bit weird going back but to see other girls; like going to someone’s house when the person is absent and hang around with his/her housemates.


Nothing has changed that much except the prices; last time I was there the hour was $210, now is $250 (and the 30 min. $145). Another novelty is that now they give you the girl’s share back so you hand it directly to the girl (and I noticed that Allure recently introduced the same system too).


There was a good line-up, five or six girls and not bad looking. The first one was a cute blonde in glasses with a very nice toned body. Sorry I can’t remember her name; she would have been the pick of the crop but I noticed her a bit serious and as they came coming, my mind triggered in a fraction of seconds a montage of images of what it would be like with each of them. So, I imagined a restrained service when it came to this secretary type (I may be completely wrong, and I’m really tempted to go back soon and take the chance). My mental montage of possibilities had to be very quick because they just kept coming, introducing themselves and leaving without any chance to ask them about their service. And so we got to the last girl and I imagined all series of depravities in the room. Her name was Charlotte; she looked very friendly and I booked her for 30 minutes. (Note to Amore: a drink, even a soft drink would have been nice!)




Charlotte is a slim leggy blonde in her twenties; size 6 or 8, blue eyes, A or B cups. She has a pleasant face. And yes, she’s very friendly. Apparently I saw her on her fourth night at Amore, and I wonder if that was her fourth night as a WL because she still has the enthusiasm of an amateur (in the real and good sense of the word: one who loves her metier)


After a quick check and a shower, she was back in the room; she asked me if I wanted a massage but I declined and suggested to start in a more informal manner. She asked me if I wanted her lingerie on or off. I chose off and helped her with the bra. After that, we didn’t waste too much time, we went straight into pashing, which soon became DFK; then she went down on me for a nice balls bath with her tongue. I then returned the favour by going down on her, and let me tell you that she really enjoyed that in no uncertain terms (Fuck yeah… fuck… fuck yeah). To say that she was wet is an understatement; certainly no need of lubricant at all.


I went up for more kissing and after a while we changed to her on top and we kept rubbing a bit and kissing until it was time for the main act. I helped her pick the right condom from a little box with many options. She sat on top and went like a firecracker; we then changed to doggy where I had a good view of her bum. I then asked her to go down flat on her tummy for me to come more comfortably, which I did indeed.


As I always get a bit worried about 30 min. bookings and how long it would take me to come, I don’t hold back, I just come when I feel like it. As a result, last night we had plenty of time for pillow talk. A good experience; Charlotte provides a very passionate service. At $145 for half hour, she is pretty good value.


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