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Stiletto - 01/04/07 - Marina



And there goes the budget!… What good does to carefully plan, shop around Sydney for the best value for money in the previous weeks, when then you get together with Erebus, have one drink too many and end up at Stiletto?




Mind you, the worst part of all is that it was my idea, not his; so I can’t even blame someone else for it. We got together with Erebus and Laga for a few drinks in one of those city bars with plenty of eye candy; Laga had a candy of his own, so he wasn’t part of what followed after. During the course of the evening, Erebus expressed his desire to see his regular at Stiletto and somehow I kept it in mind even when I had punted on the previous night. Yet after so much alcohol and so much eye candy, Erebus suggested to go to the Men’s Gallery, to which I replied: “Wouldn’t you rather go to Stiletto?” and after a full second of wondering, he answered: “Yeah, alright”.


We got there by taxi, and on arrival, Erebus was greeted as the regular he is and it was great fun to have the intro together. It is true that you won’t see other punters when you walk in there but even considering that, the place gave the idea of not been overly busy. Erebus’ regular, however, was booked for one and half hour, so that ruled her out. I didn’t ask for anyone in particular and just went with the flow. They had a big and good selection, yet very few of the recognisable names; some of them were completely new. At Erebus’ request we even got some recommendations from the receptionist; yet I can’t say that we followed on them.


In the middle of the intro, Erebus’ mobile phone ringed and he established a conversation with a mate of his, while the girls and receptionists were waiting to keep things moving. I kept telling them to come in but later one of the girls pointed out that there’s a fear of mobile phones due to some naughty guys recording images of them as a souvenir. (No danger of that with my old Nokia!)


As the parade continued, a cute and friendly Canadian girl came in, I don’t remember her name but I hope Erebus does since he booked her (I offered him first choice to make up for the disappointment of his regular being booked). I booked Marina instead, a German girl with whom during her intro we established a bit of conversation in Goethe’s language, and this somehow served as a connection between us. We said goodbye with Erebus as we would not be waiting for each other after that; so I hope that he got home all right. (And I look forward to his review!)




I don’t know about the practicality of this review as Marina is only at Stiletto for two weeks and then she’ll go back to New Zealand which is where she’s been living for the last two years. Maybe she’ll be back one day but there’s no mention of her on their roster for the time being.


I realised that Marina had not been working there for long (it was actually her second night). I booked her for 45 minutes and she went to take the money downstairs while I had a shower. When she came back she undressed and we helped ourselves to some soft drinks from the mini-bar (I was seriously concerned about my ability to perform after all the beer ingested earlier, so I decided to stay away from more alcohol even if it was available). As I said Marina is German, tallish, blonde, gorgeous light blue eyes, probably a size 8, C or D enhanced cups and a butt to die for. She has a pretty face but when I saw her naked I knew I was up to something special.


We started testing the boundaries (I mean I tested her boundaries, as I obviously don’t have any of my own!). Kissing was only lip kissing although as the session progressed she opened a bit more. We went to the bed and I decided to try my luck South of the border and Marina was very happy to receive oral (“Oh, you kiss my pussy” she said in the cutest of German accents). I have come to trust Stiletto with their time management, they are very good at that and I’ve never been short-changed, so I took it easy, pleasing this girl and her immaculately groomed vagina for a long while. I have to say that it actually took a while until she got wet; but eventually we got there. Then after a little bit of hugging and soft kisses she put a condom on little AndyJ and returned the favour with a nice CBJ but I think that either it was the thickest condom in the world (and I know it wasn’t) or I was paying the price of too many beers. Even when we moved on to sex, there was this contradiction of being very turned on by the beautiful body I was shagging and the lack of sensation. So, after a few positions, I had to remove the condom and finish by hand while I played with her lovely and firm arse and watched the whole thing on the mirror above us. She picked up really quickly that I had a thing for her derriere so she placed herself in a way it allowed for great view and didn’t mind a bit of finger playing where the sun doesn’t shine until I came.


We had a great pillow talk about her life in New Zealand, about the parlours in Sydney and about seeing girls in them and the sort of rapport you develop after a while. Somehow I wish we had had the conversation at the beginning since we managed to click much more particularly during those relaxed final minutes. It is unlikely that I’ll see Marina again, even when I’m certain a second time, and no under the effects of alcohol, would be great, but as I said she’s only here for two weeks and the show must go on.


It was funny when they rang the buzzer, she kept replying to it, so I let her know that it was simply and indication for us to have the final shower. We kissed goodbye and when I left one of the receptionists told me that my friend was still in the room… maybe he’s still there for all I know! :)


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