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Le Boudoir - 12/04/07 - Mia



Reporting from an Internet Cafe, so my apologies if this review seems a bit rushed.




After catching up with some FIA members for a long lunch, it was on the cards to go for a punt. Problem was that Rebecca, my favourite who works at the G., is practically working once a week now and I'm afraid I've just missed her. All the other highly recommended girls by our fellow Victorian punters, seem to work at daytime. Sharna on holidays, Montana, Hayley, etc. go and find them! (As for Amber I'll be probably seeing her at Candy Club)


Anyway, since I met with the guys straight from the airport, I had to check into my hotel and so I did that and after a bit of a nap in front of the telly, it was night already. I was still a bit tired after the trip, the lunch and the sequels of a busy week at work but I thought it could be a perfect opportunity to go and check some of those other girls at the G. (whom I mostly know by name yet not in the flesh). And so I did. Anna, Juliet and Casey (or something like that, an Asian girl) were available... I considered Juliet, yet I could not remember the reviews and decided to keep going. Next stop Le Boudoir where I was introduced to three friendly girls, they were on the larger side of the spectrum with Mia being probably the slimmest at maybe a size 14. Now notice that my limit generally is a size 12, and that seems to be the exception rather than the rule. However, Mia did a great intro; she did not wait for me to ask anything and ran through the things that were okay with her which pretty much covered everything I was looking for on the night (and she even asked me if I was sure that this covered everything I wanted... I know I'm a pervert but does it show that much? LOL)


While I was waiting for the receptionist to get back to me. I saw a fantastic blonde young thing going up the stairs with a couple of glasses. It was obvious she was booked but nonetheless I asked the receptionist who was that. "That's Sophie" she replied. I couldn't be bothered waiting or going anywhere else for that matter, and Mia looked like a girl who delivers, so I booked her for 30 minutes.




As I said, Mia is probably a size 14, huge natural boobs (DD maybe), pleasant face; she is also a brunette with brown eyes and not very tall. She did a quick check on me and left me while I had a shower. She came back after a little while and after undressing we started pashing at the side of the bed. I was a tad tall for her so we changed to the bed where we continued pashing and playing around. Eventually she grabbed my willy with her hand and we played at her entrance for a few minutes. Then I went down on her. She wasn't fully shaven (which is the way I prefer) but it was short and tidy enough. I stayed down there for a little while; she seemed to enjoy it, yet I always kept in my mind that this was a half hour booking, so I cut it short in comparison to my usual sessions. She grabbed a condom and put it on me and gave me a very good CBJ. She then sat on top and while not bad, I think we couldn't find a suitable rhythm, so after a little while we changed to doggy and so I could perve a bit on the mirror. I wanted to bounce on her buttocks so down she went flat on her tummy, and this was without doubt the position that worked the best. However, it wasn't happening and suddenly the buzzer went off.


However, Mia wasn't bothered by it and she did all humanly possible to get me over the line, which I finally did. So I can say that she does indeed deliver.


Time felt a bit tight. As I left and hit the street, I looked at the time and realised that only 20 minutes had passed since I had finished the initial shower. So that makes me think that the clock starts ticking as you walk into the room (which is not the case at other places I visit, where it starts ticking when the girl comes back into the room). Other than that a very good time had.


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