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The Main Course - 26/05/05 - Theresa



Let me start by saying that the Main Course is not among my favourite parlours, yet over the years I've been in and out of there with friends many times. I've only stayed with a girl there once before. I'm a sucker for pretty faces and that's definitely not the right place for that.


However, after reading quite a few good reviews here, I decided to pay this place a visit on a Saturday evening. To my surprise there were only three girls available (the rest were busy)... while in my previous experiences I had noticed a lack of quality, quantity never had been an issue but there you go.


One of the three girls was Teresa, whom I remember well from previous introductions. She's a girl from Malaysia, age could be anywhere between 35 and 45 (sorry, I wouldn't be able to tell), what matters is that she looks fine, nice petite firm body with big boobs (enhanced ones). Huge heels as I realised the difference when I saw her in the shower.


She has a very cheeky and outgoing personality and maybe for this reason alone I decided to book her for half hour. She offered me a deep throat BBBJ for $10 extra, which I accepted it, more on that later. She also offered me a strap-on service but that isn't my thing at all. Once in the room I asked her if she did Greek and she said no. She offered me to book another girl if I wanted, which was nice from her, but there was no need.


She asked me if that was my first time with an Asian girl. To which I replied it was my second one (the first being with a Thai girl at Manhattan Terrace some years ago). So still a bit of novelty factor there.


Due to the BBBJ that was to come, she was very specific as to how to clean and dry myself, and asked me to avoid touching the carpet on the floor at all costs after the shower. Basically, I jumped from the shower straight onto the bed.


She came back, took her clothes off and washed her mouth with listerine. She then checked my johnson for any funny stuff, and happy with it, proceeded to suck it. She was pretty good at that, particularly the deep thoat part (which I have to admit, I had never done it before).


While sucking, for some strange reason, she offered me to stick a finger up my bum, but no thanks, nothing goes up in there.


After a long BBBJ, we moved on to covered sex doggy style. She has a good control of her muscles down there which made me come pretty soon.


Overall, a good experience. Will I see her again? Probably not, it's a case of been there, done that now. I only saw her in the first place because I was in an adventurous mood and wanted to scout some new talent. But I thought that some punters could be interested.

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