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La Petite Aroma - 05/06/05 - Melody



After a non eventful weekend sorting out paperwork at home, I started feeling a bit anxious at the thought of Monday already looming. So, in order to release some tension I decided to go out and misbehave a bit. The question was where to... and, partly because LPA has been under this forum's spotlight in the last days, partly because I've never had a bad experience there the few times I visited it, I decided to head towards Chatswood.


After the very long trip, I was welcomed by the friendly receptionists (and was offered a drink before the intros... since I was a bit nervous I passed on the offer but it's good to see the practice continues in some places).


Three girls came and introduced themselves but I didn't feel like booking any of them. The receptionist asked me to wait a minute, since there was a "leggy blonde" (her words) just arriving. One minute later, Vixen (the leggy blonde... whose hair I'd describe more as light brown) came to say hello. She was very friendly and certainly looked like the obvious choice. I was waiting for the receptionist to come back and let her know, when another girl called Melody came for her intro.


Melody is a real blonde (not that I asked for one!), blue eyes, (maybe) mid-twenties, very curvaceous (what some would call a rubenesque figure, certainly not the Paris Hilton type) and she has an European accent. Since I generally get on well with European women, and due to my mood, I decided to leave Vixen for some other night and try Melody for half hour.


Melody first told me she was Russian, but in my experience I know that some girls say Russia to mean even nearby countries. She's actually from Latvia... that got her bonus points with me because I've never had sex with a Latvian girl before (while Russians are not a novelty for yours truly)


After the inspection (I've been clean of diseases all my life but I still hate that part), and after the shower, the fun began. Melody is very friendly and offers a good service; the only thing that stops me from calling it GFE is that she kisses with her lips kind of closed. But after all, she's never seen me before.


After some covered French on me, we tried different positions and I had no problems to finish on time (with some minutes for a bit of pillow talk)


In only 30 minutes that's all I could observe; I didn't ask for anything else out of the normal routine, so I don't know what to say to those who are always looking for extras. I was after some relaxation and that's what I got. A good time.

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