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Amore - 10/07/05 - Elise



I was wondering whether to keep this one a secret but, with forums like this, at the end of the day you get what you give.


After been a bit disappointed in Sydney parlours, particularly due to ratio high prices - average or below average quality & service, I decided to try this place, Amore in Newtown. I did check their website and thought I wouldn't find the Kylie Minogue lookalike they have on their entry page. However, I saw they had a decent number of girls working there and prices were very reasonable, so I saw no harm in paying it a visit.


Frankly, website or not, I wasn't sure what to expect... somehow, I thought that maybe this was Sydney's equivalent to the Main Course, mainly if I went by some of the reviews I've read in the forums. I wasn't after your typical Main Course experience if you know what I mean, but I would be only able to tell once I got there... and so I went.


After a bit of a long walk across King St. I finally arrived and tried the main entrance. Apparently, not many people do as a man opened the door almost by chance and looked a bit surprised to see me waiting there... (There's a rear entry that I used when I left... and for guys in cars works probably better)


To make the place justice, I have to say that it doesn't look like the Main Course at all... there's a main lounge with sofas separated by plants and decorations which makes it more private than the Main Course but less private than individual intro rooms.


The receptionists were friendly, I think I arrived when a change of shift was about to take place as the whole thing was a bit chaotic. I assume that the place receives mainly regulars who know the prices and how everything works, as I had to explain the receptionist that this was my first time. So she said that the girls would come and say hi one by one.


While waiting I spotted a very nice blonde leaving... damn! I thought. However, I was also impressed by two other young blondes, one of them, Elise, impressed me so much that I booked her for one hour, something unusual for me during a first visit. I have to say that the girls are a mixed bag but in all honesty, if I count the blonde I saw leaving, I haven't seen three girls like those in a line-up in a very long time and certainly not for those prices. ($115 - 30 min/$195 - 1 hour)


Off I go with Elise, who after a health check, shows me to the shower and to my surprise, she only absented herself from the room for about a minute while I was showering after asking for my consent. I wonder if that's house policy... and if that's the case the clock might start ticking from the moment you go into the room.


Anyway, a bit about Elise, and I hope she doesn't mind if I review her as I do plan to see her again. She is slim yet with enough flesh to hold yourself onto, blond or very light brown, early 20s, around 170cm, natural C maybe (I'm notoriously bad at guessing breast sizes), very fair and soft skin and wonderful blue eyes. I say wonderful because they have an almond shape (almost like an Asian shape) but definitely blue, and in my book that makes a killer combination.


We started slowly testing the bounderies, trying to be gentle with each other. As the intros were very quick, I wasn't sure if Elise hadmany "don'ts", so it was a nice process of trial and error... not many errors I'd say. I noticed that she slowly gave in to things like kissing and mutual French (later she told me that those things are entirely at her discretion... she might not offer them to everyone). We tried different positions and after I came, I decided to take it easy and had some pillow talk until the end of the booking. Conversation was good, Elise strikes me as an intelligent young lady. Overall, a really nice experience and I'll surely be back for more.

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