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Purely Blue - 14/08/05 - M.J.



I was in Brisbane and despite trying to keep my mind and monies away from punting, I couldn't resist the temptation of being away from my city and not having this kind of fun. So, being the flesh so weak, I headed to the only parlour I know in Brisbane, that is Purely Blue... (I could've made the effort of locating 88 on Logan but couldn't bother)


Purely Blue has a nice atmosphere, I particularly like the TV monitors disguised as paintings by being framed on the wall to match the style of the room. As for privacy, well, there's no privacy since it's just one room where all the intros happen. Never mind, no-one knows me in Brisbane.


Three girls came for the intro. Maya, Xena and M.J. (what happened to more traditional WLs names like Chantelle?)... Anyway, Maya or Maia, was a tall Eastern European blonde, and despite not being an absolute beauty she had everything about her that promised a great time. Unfortunately she was practically walking into another booking, so I missed on her. So I picked M.J. (hoping her initials did not stand for Michael Jackson)... M.J. has long brown hair, blue eyes and a very cute face, but with a bit of a blank expression with the occasional subtle smile. She may be around 165 cm tall, large natural breasts and a very solid build, not chubby but solid muscle; with the dress on she might pass as slightly (only slightly) overweighed but without it, you realise everything is solid muscle and hard legs and buttocks.


I didn't know what to expect from her, since the intro was straight and to the point, and she was my second choice. As soon as we walked into the room, M.J. runs me through the things she doesn't do. So, she doesn't kiss, her whole facial area is out of reach too (later I noticed that so was her neck). Not touching her clit as it gets sore; if I wanted to play with her vagina I had to put gloves on; if I wanted to go down on her she would use a dam. So, I declined to play doctor and live without those things. Any questions, she asked... well, at that stage, I thought that anything I'd ask or say could be used against me, so I just decided to see what destiny had waiting for me and went on with the show.


Then, M.J. puts some gloves on herself and brings me near the lamp for the health check. And health check was indeed, she even asked me to turn around and show her my back (not my arse but my upper back) for rashes as I found out later. I did pass the check and after that, I felt like asking her to issue me a certificate for me to frame at home, but I wasn't sure if M.J. would appreciate my sense of humour.


As she did not kiss and also I imagined her quite paranoid of being rolling around the bed with me without a condom, I let her start with the inevitable massage. She tried pushing a few tight points on my back and legs. It did feel okay but I can get that at a shopping mall too. I was getting worried about the time as I only booked her for 30 minutes and sometimes it takes me a fair bit to come. Finally her massage turns into a body slide, and to my surprise she starts softly biting and licking my ear, blowing a bit of hot air. That turned me on quite a bit (I thought it was strange she did not mind sticking her tongue in my ear but did not complain either)


Then she turns me around to give me oral. She gave good oral but I think she changed the condom like 3 or 4 times as my penis grew larger (There are showers and growers... well mine is of the latter kind!)... and to me it was obvious that with that beginning it wasn't going to grow in 2 seconds. She seemed surprised though.


Once is fully up she jumped on top for a few minutes and then when changed to missionary, all the time she would hold the condom with her hand. Now, in her favour I have to say that she puts those muscles to good use and presents a very tight front, so, to my surprise I came in no time (which was a couple of seconds before the buzzer went off). She discreetly attempted to separate just right after I came but I put all my weigh in and left it inside for a reasonable time. She did not complain but not everything had to be her way.


Now, I know that after reading this, the whole thing might sound negative. However, apart from her clinical concerns, M.J. is a nice girl with a dry sense of humour. She also knows, despite everything, how to push a few buttons and I could have gone for seconds if the booking was longer.


She suggested me to come back the following night but return material she ain't, unless the whole Brisbane parlour scene is as paranoid as her. Maybe a second visit would've been a bit more relaxed but funds are certainly limited. I certainly prefer keeping that money to see my Melbourne & Sydney regulars... but if I was after a bit of adventure, that I certainly got.


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@PacoMan yes its the fastest way to level up or rank up!

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