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Remington's - 05/10/05 - Holly



I have to say that no other previous visit to a parlour have had the level of anticipation of this one. Mind you, I'm not talking just about the girl I was going to see but the fact of entering a competition, somehow winning a $50 discount, getting to chat with the receptionist and the actual WL prior visiting, etc, etc.


It was a new experience, and one 100% FIA generated. It was exciting and what it the end could've just been a discounted 1 hour booking, extented itself to days of preparation and coordination of people's schedules.


So, after I knew a had a $50 discount at Club 556 (aka Remington's... I saw the business cards with the new name already), and thanks to the chatroom, I started getting some info from Valkyrie (receptionist at 556 and chat regular) about the girls. Simultaneously, some reviews, my love for blondes and the presence of Gucci Girl (aka Holly) in the chatroom, made me really keen of meeting her... except that she didn't work at 556. However, not long after some (including I) expressed a public wish of Holly doing a few shifts next door (Holly was working and still does at Manhattan Terrace), Dez and Holly came to an arrangement and Holly jumped the fence.


Okay, then I had a one on one chat with Holly in the chatroom where she passed the interview (metaphorically speaking)... I kept asking Valkyrie for more details though :-)


Now, I really wanted to meet Valkyrie in person but her shift and Holly's on a Tuesday aren't the same... so, in the end we managed to arrange a really nice social Monday gathering with Valk over a hot chocolate and pastries at Brunetti's, and she made my booking to see Holly on the following day. No need to review Valkyrie; she's lovely and has a strong personality as anyone in the chatroom could guess... ah, and she's blond too with a very cute face. We had a nice time and conversation.


The following day arrived, and my only worry was that the previous day (just before meeting Valk) I had a very intensive session with my regular Rebecca at the Grosvenor, so Holly would need to work hard for the happy ending.


Dez was meant to be on shift but she wasn't, and Otaro had taken temporarily her place as receptionist. We had a bit of a chat, when a tallish blonde showed up and looked at me with a smile... that was Holly.


Okay, the mental picture somehow differed as it's always expected. She was taller, blonder, and bustier than what I expected. She's not petite but more the athletic look with wide shoulders... a beach bunny. She has a really pretty face with doll-like blue eyes.


She's really easy going as one could expect from the chatroom. Very accommodating, we used my condoms, her condoms, many condoms. Multiple positions... I believe I introduced Holly to a form of foreplay I won't reveal just in case she doesn't want me to.


As I had been misbehaving the previous day, it took a lot of work to achieve that happy ending, not for lack of blood and arousal but for lack of sperm. Never mind, we managed in the end. I was happy to settle for a bit of pillow talk after that.


I would see Holly again.

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