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Strangest parlour experience - Forgot you were there - Oct 2007



Recently in Melbourne and visited a parlour I'd been to before. It's very good with high standards and I've had a great time there before. :)


On this night there were 3 ladies on with 2 in bookings. Saw the first and decided to wait to see the other 2. Saw the second after 15 minutes and said I would wait for the third who was due out in 10 minutes. One hour later, it was getting past closing time for this particular establishment and I thought I'd better find out what was going on. Came out of the room and came face to face with the receptionist who said "myname!!!! are you still here? I'd forgotten about you !!!" The 3 ladies on were all ready to leave so we all spent 10 minutes chatting with profuse apologies from the receptionist and much laughter. :lol:


I mentioned I contributed to FIA, at which point the receptionist (you know who you are) got really worried as she said her boss checked on the forums. I said I would be discrete if I posted here, hence I've put it here rather than under the parlour. It really was a genuine mistake (and out of character for this place).


Now I know I have an inferiority complex and am readily forgettable, but this must have been my most unusual experience in a parlour to date. I had visions of being locked in for the night. :o


Anyone else been forgotten? Anyone been locked in for the night?


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LOL, now I can say I emphasise with what you posted. Happened this week to me, except I booked the a girl ans was sent to the room, unfortunately they forgot to tell the girl.



Again I would say have been there 20 times and un till this experience have had no complaints.

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Mine was a little different in that I completed a half an hour booking and the lady said to wait for her after I completed my shower as she had to show me out. 20 minutes latter I was still waiting and she just walked me for 10 seconds to the stairs. What an idiot I was for waiting.

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I would have asked for a discount card for next time or maybe the receptionist could have offered a free BJ just to keep you quiet!

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I had a similar experience in Adelaide at Studio 207. I have been there at least 20 times, however at this point I had only been there twice and seen the same girl both times. I rocked up around 4.50pm on a Friday trying to get a fresh girl starting at 5pm (according to the roster the gorgeous Lucy started then and I was keen to see her again.

I was taken into the ground floor room which does not get used very much and the girl said that she was finished for the day but she would let reception know to send some one in.

For the first 25 mins I was content to chill and wait for my treat. However 45 mins later I had to go out and remind reception.

Lucy was worth the wait though!!

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