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Thai Massage Lindfield – xx/10/2009 – Helen



Thai Massage Lindfield – xx/10/2009 – Helen

Review by oldandbald


Shop Details:


Address: 390 Pacific Hwy Lindfield

Ph 9880 7000


Third visit to this shop for me. Rang the bell then waited until the door was answered by a lady who introduced herself as Helen. Thai (unsurprisingly) late 20's, perhaps 30ish - at times it can be difficult to tell, particularly in the subdued lighting. She was relatively tall (5'8" or so), size 10 with nice curves and C cups. A pleasant, but unremarkable face.


I went for the 90 min ($170) option out of curiosity to see if it contained "more" than the 60 min I had sampled earlier. The session began with a back massage. During this Helen would lean against the table so that she brushed against my arms or legs. My hands began to roam up and down her legs without objection. A bodyslide followed, then time to turn over. Massage of my legs and thighs followed, then mischievous playing with my little friend.


Next was a bodyslide on the front. During this she hung her breasts in m face, so I kissed one and fondled the other (as you do). Then she began on the tug proper. This was initially a playful affair - she would tug a little, then play with my balls or massage me a little, then back to the tug to tease some more. While this was going on, my wandering hand had found her clit. She wiggled a little and pushed against my finger and it slipped in.


Then something new to me happened. She began to massage my prostate. An interesting experience - still not sure if I liked it. Anyhow things continued like this with tugging and fingers in holes until the happy ending.


Overall: Interesting, fun at times. I don't know if the prostate massage is normal with the 90 minute session or whether it is a normal part of Helen's service.


Return visit? Yes But I will be exploring other places first.


Of course Individual results may vary!!


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