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Oldandbald's 2009 Back Catalogue

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1/105 Grandview St Pymble – xx/10/2009 – Lomi



1/105 Grandview St Pymble – xx/10/2009 – Lomi

More a Snapshot Than a Review


Rang the bell and was shown into a room. First time I have been to this place for several years and noticed the place had undergone renovations. The lady came in and introduced herself as Lomi (maybe the only lady available, maybe the next on rotation). I opted for 45 minutes ($130).


Can't comment too much on the service. I had drunk far too many beers at the Pub across the road and my already limited abilities were further reduced. However Lomi seemed eager to please.


The room was very small. I could stand in the middle, spread my arms and reach both side walls. This meant that the bed/massage table was quite narrow (the door was next to the head of it) and didn't allow much space for rolling around. If memory serves me correctly, this room used to be the laundry and only shower in the place prior to renovations.


Return Visit? Maybe, but I am presently in a bit of a quandary as to whether I should continue seeking out new places and experiences or settle on a couple of places and perhaps experience the advantages of being a regular customer.


Two weeks after this, I paid my first visit to Albany Massage at St Leonards following the lead of Chalk010, FlyBoy and henry1. I became a very regular visitor there.


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