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Oldandbald's 2009 Back Catalogue

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Romeos Massage Petersham – xx/10/2009 – Michelle



Romeos Massage Petersham – xx/10/2009 – Michelle

Good in Parts.


Shop details


Romeo's Massage


108 New Canterbury Road Petersham


(02) 9569 5500



The standard service for this place; the lady gives you a good scrub down in the shower, then on to the table for a dry massage through a thin cloth. The dry massage is followed by an oil massage that gets a bit more sensual. Then come the hot towels. Here the girl's techniques begin to vary; some do the walk on your back thing; some massage through the towels; Some use hands, knees and elbows. Then comes a bodyslide front and back, followed by a CBJ and handjob. At the end a second shower with the lady.




About 5'6" give or take, pale skin, basically size 8 but with a curvier bottom that that might approach size 10. Lovely natural D cups. Wonderful womanly curves in a small package.


I had seen her two weeks prior, and the receptionist warned me that she was very new. In that encounter there was some evidence of inexperience, but also some promise. I thought that she may improved with the two weeks experience. I was only partially right. So stage by stage:


The shower: This was much briefer than most of the other ladies. She washed mostly above my waist, with a brief soaping up of the little bald guy. She then dried me down. (not all the ladies do that).


The massage: Very soft, maybe she wasn't trying or maybe she just didn't have the strength in her hands. Her hands and arms seem very delicate.


The hot towels: No walking on the back, just some pressure with the heels of her hands. It seemed she was using this stage to catch her breath. During the whole massage she seemed jaded as though her mind was elsewhere.


The bodyslide: Here is where things picked up (how could they not with natural D cups being rubbed all over you??). Michelle applied the warm water/lotion mix they use and began sliding on my back with a vengeance; backwards, forwards, sideways with lots of lovely views in the mirror. Turnover and she repeated the performance on the front. at times getting her girl bits tantalisingly chose to my boy bits. As she slid towards my face, I was able to fondle those lovely breasts.


The happy ending: At the appropriate time in the session she brought out the condom that she had earlier tucked under the towel on the tabletop and applied it. She them kneeled on the side of the table, giving me a wonderful view of her nether regions on the mirror (but just out of reach) and proceeded with a competent CBJ with a bit of ball play until completion. She then cleaned me up. At this stage most of the ladies would give a face or scalp massage, but Michelle was back on top for more bodysliding and a last chance for me to play with those breasts.


The second shower was taken separately.


As I dressed we spoke and turns out that she was working the 3 pm to 5 am shift, and had worked the same shift the previous day!! That may explian why she seemed jaded.


Summary: Ordinary massage, good bodyslide, competent happy ending, lacks that total "caring experience" most of the other ladies provide.


Return Visit? To the shop - Yes, to Michelle - probably not, but I may be seduced by those curves again.


The cost 1 hour - $125 with a $40 discount voucher from a previous visit.


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