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Thai Treatment Centre Artarmon – xx/10/2009 – Paula



Thai Treatment Centre Artarmon – xx/10/2009 – Paula

A Pleasant Interlude



104a Hampden Rd Artarmon (Upstairs, immediately opposite the railway Station)


I have paid several visits to the Thai massage place in Lindfield. Thought I would try the Artarmon Thai Massage. So I brave the Sunday evening crowds in the Artarmon shopping centre and walk through the door and up the stairs. I enter the door to the left at the top of the stairs and the receptionist asks how long I want to stay. I opt for the 1 hour ($110) and she says "This room please, have shower, Paula will be with you shortly".


The room is dimly lit, massage table in the middle, mirrors on one side wall, a proper tiled shower with glass shower screen - looxury compared to the Lindfield shop (in my best Yorkshire accent).


Paula enters as I am finishing towelling off. She is about 5'4", a slim size 8 with nice A cups.


The massage begins as it always does with a back massage, then a bodyslide. The way Paula was positioning herself hinted that she may be amenable to a little touching later in the proceedings. I am writing this a week after the event and the massage is fading from memory, so it cannot have been either outstandingly good or really bad.


Turn over and a little more massage, then she oils up my little friend and begins the tug. At this stage, Paula is squatting over me, one knee adjacent to my hip, the other foot on the other side of me giving easy access for a little play. I fondle the cute little A cups and their nipples, then explore further down. I begin to rub her clit - she permits that, but no further. The fun continues to the ending. I enjoyed myself and she said she did too (but they all say that don't they?)


Overall, a good experience and Value for money.


Return Visit? Yes, when the inclination arises and finances permit!


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