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78a Hampden Rd Artarmon – xx/09/2009 – Sunny



78a Hampden Rd Artarmon – xx/09/2009 – Sunny

Review by oldandbald


My second venture to the delights of Artarmon. I had intended to visit 88 Hampden Road (there is a lack of reports here - thought I could rectify) but the place was closed. (this at 8:30 on a Saturday night). But no loss, there are several alternatives nearby. The previous weekend I had been to 116, so I thought I would try 78a.


It hasn't been mentioned here before, but this place has a back door. Some of the signage and building work look new, so it may be new feature. Anyhow, I rang the bell and the receptionist ushers me to a room and asks how long I want to stay. I found this a little unusual before seeing the ladies, but say 3/4 hour. She says $130 and takes the money - for a brief moment the thought struck me that I had just committed to seeing the receptionist (she was short, a little dumpy and late forties to be kind) - then tells me the girl is having a shower and will be with me soon.


While I was waiting, I looked around the room. I was smallish with a metre or so at the far end walled off to make a small bathroom with shower and toilet. And I also pondered on the wisdom of handing over money without seeing the lady, and on the difference in business practices between this place and 116 (same ownership and all).


My thinking is interrupted by a knock on the door and the lady appears and introduces herself as Sunny. There are reviews of her on the 116 Hampden thread.


To me Sunny looked Southeast Asian (one of the other reviewers says Vietnamese), about 5'5", maybe 5'6". About size 8. Her face is pleasant but unremarkable, but when she smiles the "character lines" show that she not in the first flush of youth. I would concur with the other estimates that put her age at late 30s.


She was wearing a long slinky white that clung to her figure. She slipped that off to reveal a very good body, curves in the right places and breasts bordering on D. I walk over to her and we cuddle and explore each others' bodies. She does not kiss. She turns her back to me and I begin to fondle her breasts. She wiggles her bum against me. I believe her breasts are enhanced, but there is a lot of natural breast between my hands and the implants. I will stand to be corrected on this.


We then move to the bed and continue with the groping and playing. Soon the condom comes out and a CBJ ensues. This is done with proficiency and enthusiasm. After a few minutes of this she then stands above me with one foot either side of my hips and begins to lower herself on to me. She manages a smooth entry and proceeds in Cowgirl until the deed is done.


Afterwards, a OK massage, a little more play, Then she tries another CBJ. I was unable to adequately rise to the occasion.


All in all, a pleasant session, but perhaps lacking in intimacy (particularly when compared to my recent experience with Jane).


Return visit? If Sunny was the only girl available, I wouldn't run away, but I would like to see the alternatives first.


However: Individual results may vary.


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