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Oldandbald's 2009 Back Catalogue

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Albany Massage St Leonards – xx/10/2009 – Angela



Albany Massage St Leonards – xx/10/2009 – Angela

Oldandbald follows in illustrious footsteps


Let me begin here with the acknowledgements:


To Chalk010, Thanks for "discovering" this place and first posting here about it.

To Flyboy and Henry1, thanks for your tireless research and well crafted reporting

To all other posters, thanks for your efforts as well.


Based on all your good reports, I decided to visit this establishment and sample its delights myself. I now add my first contribution to the collected knowledge. I am attempting to be discrete in my description so read between the lines.


So I turn up at the shop and open the door. First time at a new shop is always a little disconcerting, finding out how things work and the like. I am greeted by Hannah, and she asks the obligatory question "Have you been here before?" I honestly answer "No". Hannah is wearing the zip fronted white uniform of the place, but is also wearing a pair of jeans under it. This being a Saturday (Mina - the normal receptionist's day off according to some of the excellent earlier research) it appears that Hannah has been delegated the receptionist's duty. Hannah wears glasses and when I saw her I was thinking of the "librarian" fantasy where the plainly dressed, bookish girl with the hair tied and wearing glasses lets her hair down, removes the glasses and becomes a ravishing stunner.


However I digress. Hannah leads me upstairs to one of the massage "rooms". I follow and try to imagine the view if she were not wearing the jeans. She then begins to outline the services: so much for 30 minutes (I wasn't really paying attention), I think $60 for 60 min massage. I go "Hmmm", and leave a pause that is intended to mean "is there something else available?" Hannah then gives the prices for nude massage. I opted for the 1 hour for $100. So Hannah gives me a gentle peck on the lips and says "I will send the lady to you".


So the lady she sends is Angela. Angela is Chinese (I believe), about 5'7" size 10, A cups with long nipples. She also has that little bit of fat under the skin that makes her delightfully soft to the touch. Her face is nothing special. Age?? Indeterminate, I would guess 30 something but I could be wrong. Says she has only been working here for 2 or 3 weeks and only works Saturdays. So we both disrobe, and have a little cuddle. With wandering hands happening, she whispers in my ear "Do you want special service?" I agree to the "special service" and pay the additional fee.


The massage starts, it was quite competent, moderately firm and progressed into something a little more intimate. A little bit of groping here and there. At some stage during this, she calls out to her colleague in the nearby massage "room" in some form of Chinese (I assume) and an answer comes back. I sort of wish I knew what they were talking about, maybe Angela was saying "I have an old, fat and ugly one here, what have you got?".


Then Angela asks if I want to massage her. So I say yes, and she lies face down on the table. I proceed to massage her, beginning with her back and progressing to her buttocks and her legs. I massage her calves and progress to her thighs and inner thighs and ..... She says good massage (it wasn't, I know it was crap, I was giving it). Then she turns over and I massage the front of her thighs and kiss and suck on her nipples.


Then the "special service" begins. And a good time was had by all. Afterwards there some additional cuddling and play to relax until the end of the session.


Angela leads me downstairs and farewells me and Hannah was also there to say goodbye.


First experience, it didn't reach the heights of some of the other experiences reported, but I could not really expect that at a first visit.


.... And in the immortal words of the Ab King Pro adverts: "Individual results may vary"


I had walked straight past this place several times on the way to and from Spoilers. It looked legitimate from outside. There was a simple sandwich board on the footpath, there was a list of massages (head, neck, back etc) and prices on the front window and it closed at 7:00 pm. But for the information shared by my fellow punters, I would never have realised its true nature. It was, of course an expensive realisation.


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