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Albany Massage St Leonards – xx/10/2009 – Lisa



A little before I originally posted this review, FlyBoy also posted a review of Lisa. It seems her was her prior client. Our paths also crossed at Albany some months later. Lisa became one of my favourites there. She was always tender and sensual. But she left on "holidays". During one of our later meetings, Lisa told me that her mother was Japanese and her father was Taiwanese.


Albany Massage St Leonards – xx/10/2009 – Lisa

FlyBoy beats me to the post (and the punt)


It seems that Flyboy and I have similar ideas about how to spend a drizzly Sunday afternoon in Sydney.


Second visit here. I opened the door and was met by Mina (at least I assume it was her - receptionist, matches the description posted by some of you other fine people, button up dress rather than the zip up uniform).


She takes me the massage "room" on the ground floor the right, then runs through the prices. I opt for the $100 nude massage. So I hear Mina say "I will get a bucket". Curious but, I begin to undress. I have removed a boot and sock and then Mina returns and says "we go the other room, it is bigger". The difference is that the original room has a projection from the wall (probably a column that holds the building up). The "bucket" was actually a basket to put my clothes in. So I disrobe and lie down on the table. Mina begins the massage (still clothed) but the massage shows promise. However the phone rings, the bell on the door rings, so Mina goes off to do her receptionist thing.


Mina briefly returned and said there was now another lady available and asked if I would like to see her instead. I agreed (well avoiding interruptions is good).


The new lady is Lisa (I find that out later). So Lisa is Japanese (as Mina told me). Age late 20s, tall and slim. She arrives and gets her gear off. She continued with the massage on my back. Then she attempts to lift the head of the massage table (with me on it!!). Lisa says she wants to give me a good massage, so I get off the table and help her move the table away from the wall so she can walk all around it.


The massage continues, but there are the little fun things, for example she tickled me under the armpit as she was changing positions. As Lisa was massaging, I let my hands wander and grasped the calf of her right leg. Lisa responded with a "MMMMM", so I took this as a hint for some more intimate touching. So I ran my hands up and down her legs and inner thighs. Lisa seems to appreciate this.


Turnover time and Lisa massages my chest, and I get to play with her A cups. All very pleasant. Then Lisa asked how I wanted my "happy ending" There were three options available. I took option 3 which involved an additional payment.


After the happy ending had happened, Lisa asks if I wanted a hot towel to clean up. I say yes and Lisa puts her clothes back on and gets the hot towel. Then she cleans some of the oil off me with the towel.


Some further massage takes place, but Lisa remains clothed. Lisa massages my thighs, and breathes heavily on my boy bits. Some cuddling happened and we chatted about where we lived, how we got to work and other small talk. Time is up, so I dress - Lisa then comes up behind me and wraps her arms around me and whispers in my ear "Do you want to take me home?". Well, I was unsure how to take this. I assumed it was just part of the fun or cheeky nature of her service, so I say "No, the boss wouldn't like it". So, I say farewell with a gentle peck on the cheek.


This, and my experience the day before are interesting. The curtained off rooms let sound travel and it is interesting to try to make out the sounds. Sort of like the radio "secret sound" competition. The curtains, rather than real walls also adds a certain frisson of excitement to the experience.


.... And in the immortal words of the Ab King Pro adverts: "Individual results may vary"


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