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Albany Massage St Leonards – xx/10/2009 – Ada



Albany Massage St Leonards – xx/10/2009 – Ada

A Fun Experience


Had a pretty ordinary day at work, so I knocked off early and headed down to Albany. Turning up at the front door at about 5:00 pm on a Thursday, I feel a little exposed, what with the door opening directly on to the street and the outdoor smoking area at the Cafe/Bar a couple of doors up the road. Anyhow, I throw caution to the wind and wander through the door. I am greeted by the receptionist (not Mina, it appears she is massaging someone). She asks me if I want to see this lady (Ada) and says she gives good service. Ok, so I agree. The receptionist ushers me upstairs to the massage room to the right of the stairs. I opt for the 1 hour nude massage ($100).


So then Ada comes upstairs. She is wearing the little white dress and nothing else. She disrobes to reveal a wonderful body. She is about 5'2" or 5'3" maybe size 8 and delightfully curvy. She has a wonderful pair of C cups. So I lie down on the table and the massage begins. Ada begins by massaging my back while standing at the head of the massage table. She presses her lower stomach/pussy against the top of my old bald head, I grasp her butt cheeks and knead them. She seems to enjoy this. As things go on, my hands wander up and down her inner thighs and tease her girl bits. The massage of my back is good, Ada then moves to massage my legs and feet. All good. While she was massaging my back, there was the occasional kiss on the lips or behind the ear. Then she begins to rub her breasts against my back - Wonderful!!


Come turnover time, things continued in the same vein and we continue to play. I enjoy lots of finger play, kissing, nuzzling and sucking on her breasts and nipples. God that was fun. Now that I am right side up she alternates between massage and repeated kisses on the lips. No deep kissing, just repeated pecks on the lips. It was all good fun. In fact that was the whole "theme" of the encounter. Ada was playing and giggling and really seemed to be enjoying herself, Of course this is probably an act, but it is convincing. So eventually we get to the happy ending, Ada finishes me off with a good hand job. This is followed by a little more massage and play and sucking of nipples....


Eventually, time is up and I begin to dress. Ada helps me put my jeans on then puts my shoes and socks on. While doing this, she is squatting down in front of me, in the white dress with no knickers on. Wonderful view!!


An interesting happening during this encounter: We were in the upstairs curtained area to the right of the stairs. Just before turnover time, I hear another massage happening in the other upstairs room. Then I hear a woman's voice saying "that's wonderful", then some minutes later there were footsteps heading downstairs and there was an Australian woman's voice saying "that was great, I feel a lot better". So there may actually be some legitimate massage happening here.


Summary: A good fun time.


Subsequent banter on the forum revealed that at the time I arrived, henry1 was receiving a massage from Mina. So without knowing, we had sort of had out first joint punt there. The next one was deliberately arranged.


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