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Romeos Massage Petersham – xx/10/2009 – Selina/Celina



Romeos Massage Petersham – xx/10/2009 – Selina

The Receptionist Joins the Dark Side


Shop details


Romeo's Massage


108 New Canterbury Road Petersham


(02) 9569 5500


Don't know how many other denizens of these forums visit this place (not many by the number of other posters apparently), so some of this will not mean anything.


I turn up and the new receptionist shows me to the waiting room and I ask to see the available ladies. Three were available, Kathy, one whose name escapes me and Selina. Selina introduces herself and then smiles broadly and says "I know you!" To my shame, I did not recognise her, but she did look familiar. Then the receptionist returns and asks which lady I would like to see. She then tells me that Selina was on reception but has "crossed the counter" to the massage side. Then I remembered. I guess that it was a case of meeting someone in circumstances you don't expect. I was expecting to see one of the ladies who had massaged me previously.


According to reception, this is Selina’s first day massaging. I am in two minds, but chose Selina, mainly because of the big broad smile. So we wander upstairs to the room and we both disrobe. Selina is tallish - about 5'8" - when she is wearing her heels, I look her in the eye. She is a about a size 8 with nice natural B (or B+) cups. Age I would put at late 20s.


We begin with the shower and she diligently scrubs me and lathers me up, an all together pleasant experience. The massage begins and it is pretty much the standard fare for this place; dry massage, oil massage then hot towels, but for a first day Selina did well. Her massage was not as strong as some but it had just the firmness I like. During the oil massage, she was standing at the head of the table and I felt her against the top of my bald head. I reached around and grasped her buttocks and ran my fingertips up and down her inner thighs. Selina seemed to like this...


Then came the "fun" bits. Selina spreads the lotion over both of us, then commences the bodyslide. For someone allegedly on their first day, she is remarkably proficient. The bodyslide hits all the usual buttons: nipples up and down the bum crack, breasts rubbed against the soles of the feet and then up further. During this there was some of the "fun factor" happening. In part this was due to the reduction of the language barrier, because, as the previous receptionist, she has acceptable English. While she is doing the bodyslide on my back, I let my hands wander. Selina is comfortable with the play with the inner thighs and buttocks, but withdraws when I (not altogether) accidently touch against the treasure within.


Then comes the cat bath. I do not have the words to describe how good that felt, then there was the nibbling of the ear and other good stuff.


Turnover time, and there is more bodysliding and my hands continue to wander over her body. Selina then straddles me and rubs her clit against the base of my shaft while I fondle those lovely breasts.


Now it is time for the happy ending. Selina begins by kissing and licking her way up my legs, then sucks on the balls. She then kisses the underside of my cock and runs her tongue up and down it. Then she begins to search for the condom she had secreted under the towel on the massage bench previously. It is nowhere to be found smile.gif so the BJ becomes more intimate. Selina could just go to her bag of tricks and get another, but she doesn't. CIM did not happen (and I would have warned her if it was about to happen), but there was a satisfactory hand job completion.


Afterwards, another shower with suitable pampering.


Summary: Remarkably good for what was allegedly a first day at massage (I may need to quiz her further on this) and good fun.


Return visit: Yes, but I may see one of the other ladies first (depends on who is there).


I did return to see her. Many times. My second visit was three days later. This time the older receptionist warned me that she was "new". I simply said "I know. I saw her a few days ago." And I saw her again two days later. On that occasion I went for the 90 minute (including spa) option. In the spa she initiated DFK. She was easy to talk to. It turned out that she had spent time in Canada, so spoke English with a Canadian accent. Sometimes there is a lady with that spark that draws me back. Selina (or Celina as she became) certainly had that.


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