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4/229 Miller St North Sydney - 1/11/2009 - Suzi



This is another one that I posted in the general discussion thread, rather than in the reviews area. It followed on from a discussion between Clalk010 and FlyBoy as to whether this place had closed the thread consigned to the archives, given the address appeared to be a construction site.


No, this place is still in operation. How do I know? I have just had a punt there.


The back story:


A month or so back, I was reading the adverts in the Sunday Telegraph and saw a block of 4 locations and phone numbers in the one advert. The locations were West Ryde, Artarmon, North Sydney and Padstow. It would seem that these shops are connected. I cross checked the phone numbers and found that the West Ryde location was 39 Ryedale Rd and the Artarmon one was the new shop at 90 Hotham Pde. A search of the forum for the Padstow number found nothing, but a search for the North Sydney number found a post by jboy in this thread.


A recent post by Polonius indicated a change of management at West Ryde and there have been good reports of the Hotham Pde shop. So, on the basis that this seems to be a chain of shops with some good reports, I decided to pay a visit.


The Shop:


Yesterday I called the number and the Mamasan rattled through their services. The ones I remember were $60 for 1 hr massage, and $100 for 30 min "special service". She confirms the address is 4/229 Miller St. I search Google Maps and the arrow points to a building with a red tile roof behind the building that is now a construction site. So I venture to North Sydney to find the address. I find the construction site. At the northern side of this is a covered passageway that I initially took to be the loading dock. However, when I looked down it I saw the number 229 on a brick wall. Down the passageway I go and find myself in the carpark for the unit block. In front of me, there is a door with a large, clear UNIT 1 written on it, as if to say "This is NOT Unit 4 GO AWAY". Unit 4 is to the right, under a carport, then left. The door is in a little alcove, together with the door to Unit 3, which is ajar and I hear the sound of oriental voices coming from it. I press the bell button on No 4 and the Mamasan appears from No 3 and leads me into a room in number 4, then says "I will send girl to you".


From what I saw as I came in, the place is set up much the same as the place at Rowe St Eastwood, except the building is older and the rooms are smaller and darker. There is a massage table against one wall and a not quite double bed against the other. Bathroom has Shower, wash basin, toilet and a washing machine squeezed in for good measure. It looks like someone tried to renovate in the 1970s but was now showing signs of heavy use. Still, I am not here for luxury plumbing. I think there were only two rooms, but wasn't given the grand tour.


The Lady:


Suzi introduces herself and says she is from Macau. Her features are mix of Chinese and something else, not the most beautiful, but not unpleasing. She has a round face with full lips. She is short (barely 5 feet) and about size 8, so short and stocky would probably describe her. A cups. Age I would guess at late 20s, maybe a few years older. Only works Sundays. Passable English, but she always whispered and that made it harder to understand her.


The Service:


I opted for the 60 min "special" service at $160 for the hour. At times, members here have complained of "Service by the numbers", or "predictable service". This wasn't. In fact, I do not think Suzi had any plan of how proceedings were going to unfold. She seemed fidgety, disorganised, I suppose just inexperienced. It was however clear that she wanted me to happy. We both disrobed and cuddled each other and our hands explored each others' bodies. Then we repair to the bed and continue, she kisses my nipples, I kiss and suck on hers. Suzi then asks me if I want to engage in some DATY. Of course I would!! She is quite prescriptive about the how and where, so I follow her directions and we end up with her writhing and moaning in pleasure. Suzi grabs the side of my head and holds me in position. When she has had enough, we switched position and Suzi began with the BBBJ. It was nice, but her technique was lacking. It was basically the bobbing up and down with little variation. CIM was available for an additional consideration. The happy ending occurred during the BJ, then came a reasonable massage, followed by a (failed) attempt at cowgirl (my shortcoming). Part way through, I hear another punter arrive. There is much laughing between the punter and the lady. I suspect he is a regular customer.


Afterwards Suzi seems to have genuinely enjoyed herself (my ego would like to think so!!) and she keeps saying things like "if you come beck next week I give you good time, or do this or that". As I said, Suzi seems eager to please, but the experience does not seem to be there. Sometimes, it pays to place yourself in the hands of a well trained, experienced professional.


The Verdict:


I am tempted to make a return visit, the experience was good but not great. Suzi may develop further, but to drive here, I had to pass the Thai massage place in Lindfield, the various shops in Chatswood (must explore them shortly), the Artarmon complex (both Hampden Rd and the Industrial area), Albany and no doubt a bunch of others I have yet to discover. Too many diversions.


Sorry for the long waffling post without a real conclusion or recommendation, but that is sort of how I feel at present. I would like to say that I have found a viable competitor for Mina and her merry band of masseuses, but I would be lying through my teeth.


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