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Romeos Massage Petersham – xx/11/2009 – Kathy



Romeos Massage Petersham – xx/11/2009 – Kathy

Lacking Something


Shop Details:

Romeo's Massage


108 New Canterbury Road Petersham


(02) 9569 5500


Kathy: Generic slim Korean, A+ cups, about 5"4" Size 6 maybe. A little narrow across the hips for my liking, but overall cute. Chose her because she had the nicest smile of the three ladies in the intro. As per my usual habit, I went for the 1 hour session for $165 (less the $40 discount voucher from a previous visit).


Normal service for this place, a shower with Kathy scrubbing me down, she then towelled me dry. On to the table for the dry massage through the cloth. This was firm and pleasant, but seemed to be cut short. The oil massage followed, again firm - so firm I had to ask her to back off a couple of times. Hot towels and the walking on my back followed. This can at times be too hard. This place does not have the "parallel bars" on the ceiling to take part of the lady's weight (from memory, these are installed at New Star/Vitamin/Oriana and maybe Babylon).


After this Kathy cleaned the oil off me, covered me with the magic lotion and began the bodyslide and cat bath. Her tongue worked around my upper thighs and deep into my bum crack. Turnover time and she sat straddling my thighs and squirted the lotion over both of us, then front bodyslide, she squeezed my little friend between her thighs. Come time for the CBJ and tug, she dismounts and stands by the table. I stroke her legs and upper thighs and seek out her womanhood. When I find it, there is no objection - in fact she begins to actively rub herself against my hand. Happy ending (for both of us I think), then she begins to clean me up. Then the second shower with a diligent scrub down.


This sounds like a positive review and to some extent it is. The service was sensual and proficient but seemed hurried. I did not check the clock when the session started, but I felt as though I did not get the full hour and the "fun" factor didn't seem to be there. In Qgabs review of Scarlet, Bbrox was saying that he finds the service at Romeos "mechanical". That is probably what I got here. Don't get me wrong this wasn't bad - I have had far worse at other places - just not great.


As luck would have it, next Monday my job takes me to Wolli Creek. This is just a hop, step and a jump from Midas. So, finances permitting, I will call there, sample the delights within, and report on my experiences.


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