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Midas - xx/11/2009 - Lala



Midas - xx/11/2009 - Lala


So, my first visit to Midas. Found it easy enough, about 4 blocks from Sydenham railway station. There is a NAB ATM a couple of doors away so getting the funds is easy (if they are there in the first place!!). The door is set back from the street, and as I approach it I find it is an automatic sliding door. Makes a change from ringing the bell and waiting...


Inside the door is the foyer - reception desk to the left, some lounges to the right, big leather lounges against the wall and a circular lounge towards the middle of the room (you sit on this facing outwards). This sprouts a Christmas tree from the centre. The foyer would do justice to a medium size motel. Receptionist was busy on the phone so directs me to sit on the lounge and wait. She finishes the phone call and calls me over. Asks if I have been here before (No I haven't) and then runs through the options and prices. Prices were $125/$165/$255 for 45/60/90 min. Services varied according to duration.


I returned to the couch for the intros (apparently no separate intro rooms here) and six ladies come out and introduce themselves. It was the "Hello, my name is ....., Nice to meet you" routine. None showed any particular enthusiasm, but also none seemed "world weary". I chose the last one in the intro - Lala - basically because she was the one that came closest to me in the intro. I opted for the $255 90 minute pamper package, possibly a brave decision for the first time with a new lady in a new place.


The Lady:


Lala is about 5'5" or 5'6" (without her heels), about size 10 (nice curvy bottom) with A cups. She is wearing a red lacy see through dress and not much else. It was quite clear that she is unshaven. Cute face and reasonable conversational English (as I found out later).


The Service:


Lala held my hand and led upstairs to the room. The room was big, probably 3 or 4 times the size of the typical room at Romeos. About a third of the room was dedicated to the wet area - The shower, the wet massage bench and the spa. Fittings, fixtures and finish were all upmarket.


We both get out gear off and move to the shower. A quick hose down and Lala gets me to lie down on the table in the wet area. She then applies the shower gel and lathers me up, then rinses me off and commences the sugar scrub (using brown sugar). The feeling is similar to the salt scrub used at Masstige. Lala then does a bit of a body slide. Then turnover time and the same treatment on the front. She then begins a tug. Here is the first jarring moment. Her technique is poor (or at least it didn't work for me). It was of the "faster and harder" variety.


She has me sit up and rinses me off, as this is happening, she rubs her womanhood against my knees. We then repair to the spa. What follows is a lot of cuddling, a little wandering of hands, some gentle kissing and some idle chat. Altogether quite pleasant, and Lala is a sweet lady.


Then to the massage table. Lala says "face first", so I lie face down. "Wrong" she says "other way up". She then applies the cucumber facial mask and begins to massage my feet with some form of liniment.


Then face down for a firm massage through a towel, followed by an oil massage. At one stage here, there was a knee either side of my head while Lala was massaging my buttocks. A firm massage through hot towels followed, then the fun stuff began. Bodyslide, cat bath and licking and sucking. Turnover again ant the treatment continued on the front. Kissing and sucking of the balls ensued together with some licking of the underside of the shaft. However, it appears that a BJ (covered or otherwise) is not on the menu.


The front bodyslide continues and Lala slides further forward, and her girl bits rub tantalisingly close to my boy bits - but not too close. She then straddles me and commences another tug behind her. Again a poor technique, and I am unable to perform a second time. However, I get to fondle her breasts and explore the rest of her body.


Then another shower with a little bit of mischievousness from Lala, and we dried off and she led me downstairs. On the way, I noticed an area labelled VIP Lounge or similar. There was an additional foot massage on offer, but I declined.


The verdict? Nicely set up place. sweet friendly girl, eager to please but lacking in the tug technique.


Sorry if the review is too long and rambling, but I have tried to be as fair as possible. I think my experience here convinces me that the most important part of the experience is the lady (as if I should not have already known that!!).


Return Visit? Not out of the question, but would see a different lady.


As always: Individual results may vary.


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