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Romeos Massage Petersham – xx/11/2009 – Jennifer



Romeos Massage Petersham – xx/11/2009 – Jennifer

Review by oldandbald


Another visit to Romeos.


Shop details:

Romeo's Massage


108 New Canterbury Road Petersham


(02) 9569 5500


I sit in one of the waiting rooms and the ladies file by and do the intro thing. Then Jennifer enters there is a broad smile of recognition. I saw her on several occasions in the first half of the year, then she left for what she said was a 5 week holiday in Korea. That was 4 months ago. Based on my memories and the big smile, I went straight for the 90 minute pamper package ($250). OK it's a bloody expensive R&T but I was pretty sure it would be fun.




About 5'2", size 8, B cups, carrying a little bit of extra weight - when she bends over the there are small rolls of fat around her belly. That doesn't worry me - mine are far worse!! Middling level English - it extends beyond "Shower, Face down, Turn over".


The Service:


Standard routine for this place. She begins by giving me a good scrub down in the shower with special attention to my nether regions. I am then directed to the table while Jennifer begins filling the spa (this is largely the difference between the 60 and 90 minute packages). The "formal" massage ensues: the dry massage under a light cloth, oil massage then the hot towels and the walking on the back. The massage was firm, but not too firm - I am not a great fan of the bone crunching style of massage.


When this was done, we moved to the spa. Jennifer had lit a large candle and places it next to the spa - Ahhh a spa by candlelight. We snuggled up together, there was cuddling, caressing some light kissing, fondling of girl bits and boy bits, kissing of nipples and some small talk. All very pleasant.


Then back to the massage table for part 2. I lie face down and Jennifer applies a liberal helping of the magic lotion/warm water mix. The bodyslide commences, this way, that way, the other way, with breasts, with her nether regions. Then began the cat bath. Now I remembered why I was a repeat visitor to her earlier. She applied her mouth to my leg and attached herself almost like a limpet then moved her mouth up and down my legs with the tongue rubbing against me. The occasional playful nibble. Great experience. Turnover time and more of the same on the front, Then on with the condom for the CBJ. To finish she straddles me in simulated cowgirl, squirts some of the lotion over her breasts and stomach. While she is tugging me behind her I am playing with her breasts and move my hands lower. After a good happy ending there is the second shower and again a good diligent scrub down and I dress and go on my way a happy chappie.


Return visit? Silly question really.


As an aside, the place is expanding. A couple of weeks ago I noticed a truck in the back laneway delivering a couple of new tables and this time saw that there were new rooms upstairs in the building next door.


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