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Lindfield Relaxation Massage – xx/11/2009 - Yumiko



Lindfield Relaxation Massage – xx/11/2009 - Yumiko


I saw this advert in the Telegraph



Remedial, Relaxing Massage

Stylish, Peaceful, Quality

2/302 Pacific Hwy 9880 7627


and thought "Why not?" Mmmmm Japanese style - might make a change from the Korean, Thai and ...err.."Albany" style I have been enjoying of late.


As the ad says 2/302 Pacific Hwy (corner of Beaconsfield Pde) The shop is upstairs from Kentucky Duck - entry is off Beaconsfield Pde. The sign says "Remedial and Relaxation Massage". Inside the stairwell are signs pointing upstairs one way to the Massage Place and the other to a Hypnotherapist. There was also a rack full of some form of "New Age" magazine/newspaper. Below the sign pointing to the massage shop was a box of printed flyers. I took one and as I read it the words "our masseurs" leapt out at me. I was beginning to think that this was not the sort of place I was looking for. I was about to put Plan B (the Thai massage place down the road) into action, but decided to call this shop and clarify matters. The phone was answered by a pleasant lady (Yumiko as I soon found out) and she said "we have three ladies, one Japanese, one Korean and one from Taiwan". So at that, I decide to give the place a try. This is my first visit to a shop where ultimate outcome of proceedings is unknown.


I climb the stairs, ring the bell and am shown in.


The Place:


Obviously used to be the typical flat above the shop. The room just inside the door has been set up as a reception/waiting room with a counter and some large comfortable chairs. No receptionist on duty however. A corridor with a couple of bends in it leads to the massage room. There is a couch in one corner, a dressing table in the other, a wide massage table in the middle and a large mirror hanging on one wall (too high to provide any view of the goings on). The place is clean and neat but does have that time worn look about it. No shower in the room, there must have been one somewhere in the place, but I wasn't offered the use of it.


The Lady:


Yumiko is slim, maybe size 6, about 5'2" pleasant face with a lovely smile. Barely A cups. She was wearing a knee length yellow summery cotton dress that (mostly) remained on for the whole session. Quite good English. Works Saturdays only. During a more recent session, she told me she was Japanese


The Service:


I am shown to the room and asked how long I wished to stay. I opted for the 1 hour for $60. 30 and 45 minutes were also available. I think the prices for these were about $30 and $45.


Yumiko asks me to take off my clothes and leaves to do something. I leave my underpants on as I am still not sure about the place. (I always tend to err on the side of caution). Yumiko returns and lays out the fresh towels on the massage table. I lie face down on the table and request a medium massage. I do not notice that there was anything different (or "Japanese") about the massage, but so far it was pleasant. A few minutes in, the phone rings and she asks if it OK for her to answer it. It is another potential customer (seems Yumiko is doubling as receptionist). While she is talking, she sits on the edge of the table and massages me with her free hand. As she is sitting there, my hand fell naturally upon her foot. I gently caressed her instep and ankle, no resistance or pulling away. The phone call ends and the again stands by the table and restarts the massage. She was leaning against the table (and my elbow) while massaging. My hand was caressing the back of her knees with no apparent objection. The massage then moves to my buttocks. She slips her hand inside my underwear and squeezes them.


I ask "Should I have taken these off?"

She: "If you like, it is too hot for them anyway" And adds with a grin "Then I can see how big you are".


So I remove them and throw them in the corner. The massage continues and moves a little more to the sensual side. Light fingertip touching up and down the inner thighs, the sack and crack. Then a more formal massage of the legs, but as she rubbed the full length of them, she pressed herself against the soles of my feet and tickled my sensitive bits. A little more sensual stuff: hair being draped over me and the like.


Turnover time and Yumiko asks if I would like more "relaxation" miming a tugging motion. I agree for an additional consideration of $20. The tug commences with the application of some oil, no particularly exotic technique, but slow and gentle. While this is proceeding, my hand wanders and strokes her bottom (from the outside of her dress). She wiggles a bit and lets out an appreciative "mmm". So I push my luck and begin to stroke the back of her knees and gradually work my way upwards under her dress. Meanwhile, the tug continues and Yumiko has released her breasts from the dress and bra and is rubbing my little friend against her oversized nipples. My hand continues its exploration and grasps her buttock. More little noises of appreciation. So I go for broke and seek out her womanhood. I find it and caress it through the fabric of her panties. Yumiko then sits on the edge of the table and traps my hand in position.


Job done, she takes her leave to wash her hands and returns with a warm damp towel to clean me up. The remaining few minutes are occupied with a head massage and a massage of my hands. Here a slightly playful streak began to show.


Overall a satisfactory experience. Return Visit? I think so - there may be some fun to be had finding out where the boundaries of this place lie.


Of course: Individual results may vary


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