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Lindfield Relaxation Massage – xx/11/2009 – Tina



Lindfield Relaxation Massage – xx/11/2009 – Tina

Review by oldandbald


Second visit, shorter review


Shop details:

Lindfield Remedial and Relaxation Massage Centre

(Harmony in your mind body and soul)

2/302 Pacific Hwy Lindfield

9880 7627

Hours 10 am to 6 pm 7 days


Decided on another visit here. Was greeted at the door by Yumiko. Last visit she told me she only worked Saturdays, but it seems she was co-opted to do receptionist duties (and it seems massage duties as well). She was smaller than I remember and have adjusted the description in the previous post accordingly. She greets me as a long lost friend and shows me to the room - a different, smaller room than last time. Yumiko tells me that Tina will be my masseuse today. She then gives me a big hug and presses herself close to me. My little friend responded in the only way he knows. She presses herself even closer ...


Anyhow Tina:


Taller, a little meatier than Yumiko: about 5'6" size 8 (I did say a little meatier) A cups, early 20s at a guess, quite attractive, oriental possibly Japanese (I have difficulty telling). She was wearing a short denim skirt (mid thigh length) and a white singlet type top.


The Service:


I begin to disrobe and Tina returns with the cold water I asked for. I get down to my underwear and she tells me to remove them too. Face down on the table and the massage commences. She spends a lot of it at the head of the table and as the massage progresses, she presses herself against my head. My hands wander and grasp her buttocks through her skirt and caress the back of her thighs. Perfectly satisfactory massage, that at times, crosses to the sensual side. After she had massaged my back and legs she switched to the light fingertip massage - lovely.


Turnover time and she begins some fingertip work on the front and presses her (still clothed) breasts against me. Tina then asks me if I would like her to take her top off (for an appropriate tip of course). So I agree and the top and bra come off, as well as the skirt (but the panties stay on). A well executed tug and some fondling and kissing of breasts and nipples follows. I certainly enjoy it and Tina gives the impression she also enjoys my attentions. Clean up with a warm towel and a nice hug on the way out.


The damage: $60 for the hour and $50 for the nakedness and the tug (I offered $70 but she says "too much")


As always Individual Results may vary - and there is Gurk's cautionary tale of his experience here (in a reply to my first post on Yumiko)


And in one of the bizarre coincidences that make up this Universe, the music being played here was the same Acker Bilk clarinet CD as was being played at Albany during my session with Amy the day before.


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