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VIP Massage West Ryde - 08/12/2009 – Nina



VIP Massage West Ryde - 08/12/2009 – Nina

Review by oldandbald


I saw the attached advert in the various Cumberland Newspapers and decided to try them out.


The shop is upstairs above Baker Kennedy real estate. There is a blue sign hanging from the awning with "Level 1 968" and the phone number. A couple of metres inside the door is a big, chunky steel security door. I push the doorbell. While I am waiting for the door to open, I notice that on the wall are several Certificates of Appreciation from Rotary for the support this business has given them and wonder if I am in the right sort of place.


The door opens and I am greeted by Nina. She is wearing a little black dress with a plunging neckline - I am in the right sort of place smile.gif.


The establishment:


A bit tired and dog eared. Two working rooms, the one I was shown to had a couch, shelves for towels and the like and a thin double foam mattress on the floor. The two walls adjacent to the mattress had mirrors from the floor to about six feet. There was a noisy window air conditioner keeping the room coolish. The other room was similarly fitted out but had a massage table as well.


Prices $60/$90/$110 for 30/45/60 minutes. I noticed that there was a second sheet under the price list taped to the back of the door, but it was just another copy.


The lady:


Nina is barely 5', her bum would be about a size 12 but looks bigger because of her small stature. Natural B cups. I think she is Thai, certainly south east Asian. Age I would guess as 30s. Not unattractive, but no glamour.


The service:


I opted for the 45 minutes at $90.

We both got naked - usual drill; face down on the mat. Massage began with Nina applying pressure to various muscles, then a firm oil massage and a bodyslide. While this was happening we were looking and smiling at each other in the mirrors. At about the 15 min mark, she had me turn over, sat astride my stomach and presented her nipples to my mouth, while I was sucking on each in turn, my hands wandered to her bum and groped her ample cheeks - then I sought out her clit and began rubbing.


This continued for some time with both of us enjoying ourselves. Then she changed position, oiled up my little friend, settled into a 69 position and began the tug. I indulged in some DATY which she seemed to enjoy. My happy ending happened - she stayed in position a little longer.


The remaining time was filled with a quite decent massage. Then a shower (in a well worn shower) and I was on my way.


The Verdict:


Competent, but nothing special - middle of the road, run of the mill. Nothing to tempt me back.


At times, the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. This wasn't one of those times.


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