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Romeos Massage Petersham – 11/12/2009 - Celina



I rarely posted repeat reviews of the same lady Celina was the first exception (the others were Amy and Lisa at Albany). But in this case, there was the additional experience of the 90 minute session, and an update on how her technique had developed.


Romeos Massage Petersham – 11/12/2009 - Celina

A birthday treat.


Shop details:

Romeo's Massage


108 New Canterbury Road Petersham


(02) 9569 5500


I have been back to see Celina several times since my first visit. The spelling has changed, but the lady hasn't (they put the lady's name on the discount coupon presumably to see which ladies generate return visits).


This time I specifically ask to see Celina and am told she will be about five minutes. Five stretches to fifteen but that seems to be the way of things in most shops I have visited - or at least the way of things while I am waiting. I opt for the 90 minute session with spa for $210 plus the $40 discount coupon from a previous visit. Celina arrives and leads me upstairs. I sit on the couch in the corner to take my shoes and socks off, but before I can do this Celina has snuggled up alongside me, put her arms around me and is breathing heavily in my ear. I turn to her and we begin to kiss with increasing passion (or at least a convincing facsimile thereof). For the next 15 minutes or so, we are kissing, cuddling and fooling around on the couch like a couple of teenagers. Brought back memories of my first girlfriend from the dusty recesses of my mind ....


Then the session proper began. The usual drill - the scrub down in the shower, the dry massage, the oil massage. During this, I grasped and squeezed her buttocks. She let out an appreciative "Mmmmmm", but a little later said "Stop that"

Me: "Don't you like it?"

Her: "I like it, I just can't concentrate on the massage"

So I pull back, but my hands still wander a little. The hot towels follow with a firm massage through them involving elbows and knees. Celina's massage has improved with experience.


Then to the spa where we snuggle up together, caress, fondle, grope, kiss and engage in idle small talk about the weather, movies and other random topics. At times the action in the spa got a little heated, and I was left with a love bite on my chest as a souvenir.


Back to the table for the bodyslide and cat bath (Celina is very good at this), followed by the CBJ and tug. However, due to the earlier snuggling on the couch, everything else in the session was compressed. So Celina was unable to coax my little friend to do his thing. The buzzer went (3 times, I think), so there was a quick shower, I dressed and we went downstairs.


A jarring note at the end - The older receptionist hurried me down the corridor to the back door and bustled me out of the door. This was out of character for both her and the shop, but I felt irritated. I was stewing over it for a time while staring into some beers, but in the light of the next morning, decided to put it down to the arrival of other punters and the need to "clear the decks" as it were. As I say, it was out of character.


I saw her again a couple of days later, but there was no “hurrying out the door”. I must have just been the arrival of other punters.

Celina herself was a lady I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with – even though sex wasn’t on offer. Some little anecdotes about her:

On my third visit to her I opted for the 90 minute session including the spa. She put her arms around me, snuggled up next to me and initiated DFK. I asked her how she liked the massage side of the job. She said that sometimes she had a “bad” customer, then turned all serious and told me of her plans for the future. She was working to fund a university course for her long term career.

At different times, she would remember what we talked about during an earlier meeting and we could continue that discussion.

Once I rang ahead and booked her midweek, the next couple of visits I just chose from the intro line up. Next time I saw here she was worried that I was seeing the other girls because she had done something wrong. She certainly had not.

In our next meeting, she asked if I still had the “birthday present” she gave me – the love bite on my chest. I did.

I saw her on Christmas Eve. I had to wait a few minutes for her. I was waiting in her room, not one of the usual waiting rooms. When she arrived she gave me a Christmas present – a couple of little bottles of wine (mini bar size). Still don’t know whether it was her idea or something from the shop for a regular.

A couple of visits later she told me that it was her birthday. I said “If I had known, I would have bought you a little gift.” Celina responded “YOU are my gift” (her emphasis). A lovely touch – even if an act on her part.

It was those sort of touches that kept drawing me back. They make the difference between “good” and “delightful”. But she left in late February 2010 to pursue her long term career.

Sorry, I was smitten by her ...


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