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The High End of Town



Lately I have been reading these great reviews of what I'll call high end escorts, ie Privates whose price range is $700+.

Now I have never paid that much for a WL (maybe $350) and before people start, this not a blog about prices!


Clearly our reviewers have had a great time with attractive horny women so I began to think I might dig into the piggy bank and get me some of this action.


So I read reviews again and realized many of these encounters where for multiple hours and overnights,it seems to get quality you may need quantity.


It got me thinking, if I am going to the high end of town I am going to have to go long,so why then am I normally happy with a hour punt at my normal places but to get top shelf I need longer.


I suppose an analogy is going for a good pub meal, it satisfies your needs and then you move on somewhere else for the night while a fine dining night you carefully pick you foods, match your wines, have an all evening gastronomic event.


So while I contemplate this I'll just go and watch Masterchef and cook for myself.


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