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First Nighter





She walked across the hotel car park towardme, jet black hair, tight jeans, boots and a shirt gathered above her navel, her breasts on high, prominent, she wrapped her arms around me , planted a bigkiss, weeks of nervous anticipation just faded away.


She says Hi great to get together again at last


We retired to the hotel room


Oh nice, plenty of space for us to have fun.


We talked, kissed, got reacquainted.


We needed a few things so we went out for a walk around the city, time was on our side


She looked spectacular, we held hands her on my left,


As we walked I had to laugh inwardly, yes, men looked but it was women, young and old looking at us, at her, you could read their faces


Women can be such bitches to their own kind.


We enjoyed the freedom of the busy city, splendid isolation in a sea of people,


We bought what we needed and felt a bit nawty,


Time to go back darling


In the room we sat slightly awkwardly almost not knowing what to do, so I took off her boots and washed her feet, not sure why but it seemed a place to start.


We commenced a routine with the removal of a piece of clothing of kissing, touching, caressing that area of the body before removing the next piece of clothing and doing it again.


The afternoon progressed with steamy sex ,things we had done before and new things, the passion was high, her responsiveness heightened, her orgasms multiple.


Eventually we rested and snuggled together and engaged in intimate, funny and revealing conversation


This is what time had afforded us, being comfortable with each other, trusting, enjoying ,




tn_gallery_2197_752_371218.jpg tn_gallery_2197_754_9916.jpg


She descended the stairs, she looked stunning, all made up wearing a black figure hugging full length dress,


Dinner with a beautiful woman is another benefit of this experience.


As we walked the streets I couldn't remember where the restaurant was, being so befuddled by her company


She laughed at Mr. Organised being reduced to an indecisive mess; we found somewhere else that was just as good.


Dinner and company where delicious, we went looking for suitable bar or club


No doof doof stuff please


But before we found one she squeezed my arm and said I’m feeling horny


That night we engaged in high energy, passionate,raunchy sex, we pushed our boundaries, explored new levels of ecstasy, she was wild, I matched her as well as I could, it was one of the sexual highlights of my life.


Sleep over came us in the end


Until I am awoken by a sound and the vision of her sprinting across the room like a gazelle ,


My alarm, so sorry


No problems lets cuddle


I looked at her face


I must be yuk got bed hair and raccoon eyes


In the half light of morning I saw only beauty


Later... where’s my coffee... made me smile, it’s the little things.




A soapy shower together, the final act , it’s nearly over


Tempus fugit


All made up with fresh lippy she gives me a kiss and walks out the front door of the hotel, her body silhouetted against the morning light


I turn to the clerk and say,’ I wish to check out thanks’.


I am exhilarated; yes the wise warnings of experienced PP members ring in my head,


yes I paid for her to be here but participation was mutual, no hang ups, we kept it professional but made it personal.




My plane lands, I turn on my phone and there’s a message


Thankyou for the most mind blowing amazing night


My smile is so wide it could split my face.




So extended or overnight bookings


I now can see why some find them so addictive


It’s not just the sex in spades, it’s the little things, the time to enjoy, the memories, the intimacy.


……and special thanks to my emerald eyed Irish girl


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Great to see you've got a blog up Froggy. Even better to know you had a good time with a special lady!

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"It’s not just the sex in spades, it’s the little things, the time to enjoy, the memories, the intimacy."


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A lovely read mate. She is a rare gem and an absolute dynamo....

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Awesome blog Froggy it sums up overnight punts perfectly mate. Great to hear that you both had a really enjoyable time cheers.

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Taylor Alexander


Awesome..... IT IS all those nice normal interactive things incorporated into a sexy night of fun that makes an overnight experience that makes them special !!!!!

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