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No. 1 Blackburn Street - XX/08/09 - Honey



Went here on the last day that Mary was working. Despite calling early to make a booking, she was booked for the night. I wish you FIA guys would just piss off when I'm trying to make a booking. :lol:


I turned up anyway to see what was on. The first line up, a whole host of girls appeared, and I was totally confused. I asked for a repeat, and wasn't much nearer the second time. Some discussion between me and the mamasan, and I was told that the girls were getting angry at being called out too much. :) So many beautiful ladies to choose from. I eventually went for Honey. She was a circle girl. Please ignore my other post on here. The girls with circles are higher priced. The previous 2 punts I've had here were hearts, and now I know why.


Went for half an hour $150. Into the room, and the shower. Standard here seems to be that the ladies shower with you. Honey spent a long time soaping me up and rinsing well, including special attention to my belly button, which I found strange.


Honey is Malaysian Chinese, Quite a pretty face and A cup tits with nice prominent nipples and a fairly well toned body. Onto the bed, and she kissed very nicely, not DFK but a bit of tongue and very sensual. She started kissing down my body, and spent some time licking out my belly button (ahhh, now I understood the shower). I have to say that this was a first for me and didn't really do much in terms of excitement. BBBJ was quite good and I was soon into mish, sucking her toes, and it wasn't long to the finish.


A bit of a chat. Honey's English is quite good, and we found a common interest in my occupation. A quite intelligent woman to talk to which made the encounter even better.


Back into the shower with her, where again she was very thorough in cleaning me. The buzzer went off half way through the shower, and I was surprised how much we had managed to get through in the half hour.


Took me by the hand down the steps, making sure that the old guy didn't stumble and fall. A kiss and a hug before she showed me out, and she seemed genuinely pleased to have been with me and gave the impression that she wouldn't mind a repeat visit.


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