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Back Seamed Stockings and Garter Belts

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When will I learn?

Dita Butterflys


Had a little vacation from the site- due to school.... 3 weeks to go!!!!


Sadly, the last entry I made- on the subject of nursing a broken heart- will be repeated today. Sadly some gals just don't learn. Happy to say, however, 2 times is enough for me. The bum has been kicked to the curb- for good- and I am ready to glam up and get my sexy self out there! Mainly by putting on my new dresses, getting into 7inch heels and drumming up some Bi play with gals and guys at work! What better then an orgasm? I should have just taken my own good advice- or stuck to it- last time lol.


I am excited to say, however, there is nothing better then angry, rebound sexing for girls- and their partners! So who wants it nasty? lol...


On another note... my SPFX play is going well. I am making gorry bruises and wounds, aging people and making, of all things, ZOMBIE PIN UPS!!! Thinking about making a sexy Zombie series.... would people be into that.... that is the question...


So men- do sexy Zombies do it for you?


One positive.... setting this heart free means no more limits on my work life... Ready to get back in there and have fun being myself again! Without limitations lol....

who wants to celebrate?


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im there with bells on.... :wub: and anything else you might want me to wear......hehehe

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Whoa..........that one positive is sure going to set some pulses racing and the phone ringing! I dunno when I'll ever be able to get a booking :wacko: Hmmm and about the broken heart - I've never found food much of a comfort, haven't tried rebound sex.............................so I'm left with the old cliche- give it TIME.

I've always been a fan of the zombie genre, although rotting flesh and attractiveness tend to be on opposite ends of the scale for me.........I'd prolly choose a hot vampire over a hot zombie, but I think I could make an exception!

take care

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There's quite a bit of artwork in the alt/goth world of zombie erotica, although Vampiric stuff is more common. Probably would help to troll deviantArt a bit for some inspirations.

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