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Back Seamed Stockings and Garter Belts

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Back to my naughty self!

Dita Butterflys


I am no longer studying but still a naughty school girl at heart- I have the costume to prove it after all!


I have finally been able to put the books away... I am ready to make up for all the lost time- think girls gone wild/spring break!


So who is going to corrupt me? Or let me show you what I have learnt....


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Hi Dita

I pm'd you a while back on pretty much this very topic! However I didn't get a reply :(.. Perhaps you don't use that 'other' account anymore. Anyway I'd love to know when you're available as seamed stockings, suspenders and high heels are one of my BIG things!

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Hey Dita,


I once read on a past forum that you used to be a dancer and was keen to show off your wares.

If you are offering a lap dance in that naughty school girl outfit then I am definitely up to give you detention.







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