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The Stigma is still there



Firstly I should point out that I wrote this a couple of years ago and published it on the other site. Though I thought it is still relivant and a good read.



Well it seems that even in this day and age the stigma about punting is still there. I came to this conclusion a while back when I posed a question in a game on personals web site. Basically the question I posed was as follows: "You find out that before getting together with your man that he regularly visited a brothel. How do you react and does it bother you, baring in mind he’s been nothing but faithful to you"


Well as you can probably imagine the responses that I got from that question range in being voices of reason to total revoltion. In fact one woman replied by implying that some of them have girls as young as 10 working in them. While I don’t deny that there are probably unscrupulous operators. I dare say that is defiantly a rarity. Apart from the fact that it’s highly illegal and that any punter who knowing engages with a 10 year old should be labelled a rock spider.


My question was intended to be posed about legal operators where the girls are all consenting adults and are there of their own free will. I may not be a parent but I am an uncle and as such I have the same revoltion as a parent would have when they hear stories of kids being used in such a situation.


One of the things that have also commonly cropped up from posing that question is the notion of STIs and that if she found out he’d been to a brothel is she’d make him get tested. The way I see it is you’d do that anyway once you’re getting serious with somebody and you were going to lose the condom. It still saddens me just how many have said that they’d break it off or kick them to the kerb as they put it all for something he did while he was single.


It makes me wonder what they expect us to do while we are lonely because I’m sure most men like me simply refuse to behave like a Tibetan monk in the meantime while waiting for Miss Right to come along. They also don’t seem to bat an eyelid if you have a one night stand with some woman you picked up in a pub/club, or even a bonk buddy, Personally I’d settle for a bonk buddy at the moment, let’s face it it’d be cheaper than punting and I’d probably get it more often than I am now.


Seems they were rather selective about what they are accepting about too. Another question I’ve asked quite a bit is, "If he was able to control it would you get with a man with depression?" or "How would you react if your man revealed to you that he had Bipolar Disorder?" The reason I’ve been posing those is because for a while I wondered if I had it.


They also seem to want to question your commitment to a relationship if you have paid for sex too, Well this is my views on it. If I found a lady I wanted to have a serious relationship with and she felt the same way about me. I would not hesitate to retire from punting and all my dedication and commitment would be to her. In fact back in 2006 there was a time where I had retired from punting because I had been developing a relationship with a girl interstate and I was putting all my resources into trying to go pay her a visit.


Sadly I had some rather unfortunate circumstances and it never came to fruition and we broke up. Which I was hurting from for quite a while after that because I thought I was going to go all the way with her and not just in a sexual way either. A lot of people I’m sure think they can fall in and out of love with somebody at the drop of a hat. Well I can’t do that. My heart said I still loved her. Even a few years on I still rue the whole thing.


Some of the other things that have I have been asked by those in the mainstreamers have been things like "Am I worried about catching something?" My answer to that is NO. This is for the following reasons:


1. They make you take a shower before you even start, 2. Condom use is a condition of service (well at the parlour I go to anyway) and 3. The girls are tested on a regular basis. (Correct me if I’m wrong but it’s as often as porn stars are tested)


So when I first punted I came to the conclusion that medically I’m in no more danger than I would be doing it with any other woman. But as I’ve now had more experience at punting I now actually feel safer doing with a WL in a brothel than I would be doing with somebody I picked up in a pub or club.


One of the more pertinent questions I’ve also been asked by mainstreamers is "Do I have respect for the girls I see?" Well the simple answer to that question is YES. Don’t get me wrong when I see a WL I’m there to have a good time, have fun and of course get laid. But at the same time I’m more than aware of the fact that this young lady is still somebody’s daughter, somebody’s sister and in at least 4 cases that I know of she’s somebody’s mother.


One person has also asked me if I had ever felt shy or embarrassed being naked in front of somebody you’d only met 5 minutes before hand. Once again the answer to that is no. Simply because the lady is also naked in front of me, so they cancel each other out.


As for who I tell about my punting activities, I’m very selective on whom I tell. I only tell those I really trust and who I know won’t be judgemental of me. As I’ve probably mentioned in my postings that 2 of my female friends know about it. One of them was just happy that I got laid surprising as this may seem to some people she’s an American. In fact she’s told me she wants to go to one herself (she’s bisexual) plus wants to do a home video with me. The other who has been a friend of mine since High School just made the assumption that had done it and I simply didn’t deny it. She knows I’m a chronic bachelor, so as I said at the time asking me if I’ve ever paid for sex is like asking a pro wrestler if they’ve ever used steroids.


As for other mates of mine, there was one who was supposedly going shout me a punt for my 21st Birthday. Well he never turned up to picked me up. Told this story to Bridgett (who I lost the big V to) and she asked me did I forgive him for it and are you still mates. I said yes I did and yes I am but that Saturday at Cricket he got a real gob full off me for it.


So overall despite us living in the supposed open minded 21st Century the stigma about the world’s oldest profession is still there. So I stay selective in who I tell, but I think it is totally obscene that in some parts of the world it’s a criminal offence to engage their services.


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I hear ya man, the stigma is what held me off from seeing a W/L a long time ago, and what annoys me is if I'd done it earlier it probably would have been a lot healthier mentally then all the time I avoided it and had to deal with my urges personally. I actually once stumped a friend of mine who used to say how fine she was with girls who did that, how she watched secret diary and bla bla until I finally once asked her how she'd feel if she knew her b/f saw a W/L before they met, and suddenly she stopped and realised how full of it she was :P


Amazingly, it was a couple of very close female friend who managed to help convince me to do it.

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All you men should Just date or find women who work in the sex industry. stippers/ masseuse or WL's. We are all cool laugh.gif



If i was married or in a relationship. I would much rather my man see a WL than someone in a club or have an affair. The reason being is that Most WL's won't develop feelings for you. The chances are very low. They won't cause trouble or fall in love with you or want to date you. If your married most WL's know the Punters love their wives and families and only seeing a WL because their sex lives are non-existent. There is a fine line Punters in relationships and WL's don't often cross.


If i was married or in a relationship and my man went out and picked a girl up in a club or even found a female online to meet for sex. That's a different story. I would be fuming mad because in the end i know that those relationship would only cause trouble. Sometimes these women get off on breaking up relationships/Marriages. If any of you are members of RHP, adultmatchmaker. You will know there were have been relationships and marriages broken up because a female who hooked up with a couple deliberately tried to break up a the marriage. .

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