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Six Star Models - 21/10/09 - Samantha



One of the things that I find exciting about punting is meeting new people. In a period a bit longer than one hour you get to experiment a very condensed, full on relationship, where the boring bits are simply left out. That's how I remember my time with Samantha.




The impact of a meeting like that can be as good as that of a great short film. The sort of work that sometimes makes you wonder why would you invest two hours watching a feature-length movie. Well, the other day I met Samantha, we shook the nerves away, we chatted, we laughed, we shared a drink, we shagged, we got to know each other a bit better and we said our goodbyes with the intention to see each other again one day. How many times in your non-punting life you spend ages just to go through that? And how many times a real relationship doesn't even get there? What I'm saying is probably blatantly obvious but it gets overlooked once you make a routine out of this hobby.




All I knew about Samantha was a physical description and that she was practically new to this game. During the day she was going to be posing for some photographs for her agency's site and in the evening she would be seeing me. I have to say that the prospect of being one of someone's first clients was as frightening as it was enticing. Maybe this very same session would determine the way she would look at her job from then onwards, so it wasn't just another booking for any of us.


I picked up a bottle of Asti Spumante and headed to the panoramic Quay Grand. Samantha came down and picked me up at the lifts. She was happy when she saw I had a bottle with me and right there confessed that she was very nervous, so much that if I hadn't brought the Spumante, she would have asked me to go for a walk down the quay before the session. However, my choice of drink just happened to be among her favourites and she was more than pleased with sharing a drink and a chat as we gradually would get into more serious business.


Now Samantha has a bit of an exotic look with olive skin, blue eyes and kissable lips; she is of French descent (mixed with other nationality I won't mention for privacy reasons, but all in all not far from my own cultural make-up). She is probably a size 8 with natural D cup breasts and has very nice long legs too. I was in my best behaviour, making sure that she would feel comfortable with my company; I was certainly feeling quite at ease myself. You see, she is a lovely girl, very down to Earth and we happen to have a fair a bit in common. The booking did not feel as an artificially arranged meeting; on the contrary, I found the dynamics of it much closer to hitting it on with a girl you've just met at a dinner party. One of those situations when in the middle of a pash, the thought of not having seen that person ever before seems too hard to comprehend. But comprehending wasn't what I was after, so after some gentle kisses that evolve into DFK, me moved to the bedroom.




Samantha likes to kiss and she's very good at it. After a fair bit of pashing, she sat for some faux cowgirl-style rub on Little AJ and needless to say that felt great. She then went down on me for some oral pleasing. I certainly enjoyed the warmth wetness of her mouth and that went for a while, until I decided to bring Samantha back up for more DFK.




Obviously, after that, it was my turn to return the favour and went down on her. Samantha undoubtedly enjoyed my technique (mind you, I don't think I have one, I just go at it the way I imagine girls would get pleasure). As she got wet, I brought the aid of one gentle finger mainly to play around on the outside with the occasional incursion too. I kept her on the verge of coming for a little while until the obvious climax was finally achieved. One request I got in the process was to grab her boobs with my other hand while I was down there.


After the mutual oral, it was time to introduce Samantha to some Italian sliding. When I say introduce, I mean it, since she wasn't quite sure of what I was after when I grabbed the lube and asked her to turn around. I don't think Samantha is into backdoor play of any kind, so I had to reassure her that there was no reason to fear. The sliding on her butt cheeks felt great as usual but I kept it somewhat shorter since Samantha seemed happier to go with a frontal sliding and shaft teasing instead (who am I to say no to that?)


Finally the time arrived for real intercourse and Samantha warned me that she may feel a bit tight for lack of previous activity... well, not exactly what I'd consider a problem! ;) We both agreed we needed the thinnest of condoms available, so I volunteered one of my own. Now, these Japanese condoms are thin but ridiculously narrow. Samantha tried to put it on me with her mouth but it would take a decisive manual effort to fit it in. I know they've come up with a larger size now, I should order some of them, because as far as the feel, they are fantastic and at one stage I had to even check if it was still on because I wasn't even feeling it (never mind the mark the ring left on my shaft for some time after! Incidentally, Samantha had offered me to experiment with a cock ring and I declined; who needs cock rings when you have condoms doing the same? LOL)


Condoms aside, we started with some cowgirl action which allowed for more boob play. We then changed to the old missionary which is easy to do while pashing. It was followed by doggy; I had a bit of a view on a mirror, though I alternated this with the direct view that the position naturally allows, and we ended up with caterpillar, which felt so good I couldn't help coming a minute or two after we got into it.




After the sex, we remained chatting and time really flew, even when Samantha comfortably remained there without any form of clock watching; we went way past the time as we discovered so much we have in common, so much that we both were incredulous that we eventually had met in this manner. As I left, it didn't feel I had just met her; it felt more like seeing an old friend and I firmly suspect the feeling was mutual. Just like two people who have known each other for years yet all condensed to a short and passionate rendezvous. As I said before, that's how I remember my time with Samantha.


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