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Bedroom Eyes - 10/10/09 - Isabelle



Macy Jones, I think I should call her Madame Mephistopheles, always tempting me with these photos of beautiful Nubiles. What's worse, you go and meet the girls and the first thing they do, is stamping your "Go-to-Hell Miles" card. And Isabelle gave me extra points for sure.




Of course don't take that too seriously; it's only an ongoing forum joke between Macy and I. After all, Bedroom Eyes is an agency that specializes in young girls. I like to mix the ages of the girls I see and my most frequented age range is late twenties, early thirties, but even within the BRE young range there some interesting differences, a fact that would indicate that age (if legal) is mainly anecdotal.




When I saw Amelia, apart from the pleasure involved, I was somewhat relieved because she is 23, practically old enough to be my mother... err... let me see... 23 minus... hmm, well, maybe not, but you know what I mean. By all standards, and considering the way she carries herself, she is a grown up woman. When I saw Brooke, she had this aura of being the daughter of missionary parents, discovering on her own what life really has to offer, so I saw myself as quite educational. Don't ask me why I thought that, maybe it simply was the contrast of well behaved young lady dressed in white with the one going wild in bed a few minutes after. When I saw Jordan, who was even younger than Isabelle, her youth and fresh looks were somehow balanced by a quirky, slightly dark sense of humour and the capacity to run the show despite her age.


Now, Isabelle... Isabelle is another story altogether. With feline features and perfectly toned body, her beauty could be disarming. Give her a few more years, and it surely will be. In the meantime, it's too easy to see the lively teen that puts her playful nature ahead of anything else. That will give you a fair idea of what a session with her will be like; you'll be surprised by her sexual awareness though.




For the record, Isabelle is a 19 yo brunette with long hair and greyish blue eyes. Her face is beautiful with really soft features. Her body is petite and toned. Her boobs are probably B cups and quite firm, the same goes for her cute little butt.


Isabelle greeted me with a kiss, and she is a terrific kisser actually. We shared some chocolates with a nice Muscat. (Apparently they have made sure of switching to screw cap bottles since my nearly fatal experience with Amelia... Come on people! Where's your sense of fun? ;))




Isabelle didn't keep the chat for too long and invited me to pass to the shower. She actually joined me and gave me a sample of what was about to come by kneeling in the shower and taking Little AJ in her mouth for some wet fun.


Once back in the bedroom, we continued kissing and touching each other. I gradually made my way down in between her legs to make this a very happy girl. After she came, she asked me to lie down so she could return the courtesy. I happily obliged and here's an area where this girl really knows what she's doing. She gives full attention to the whole area down there, including the frequently neglected twins.


As part of our pre-sex conversation happened to be about Hotdogs and Bratwursts, and the difference between the American and German ways of putting (or not) a sausage in a bun, I had to show her my way. And so with a little lube, I let slide Little AJ on her very small yet firm buttocks, first, with Isabelle lying completely flat (as it's customary) but then with her raising her little jewel a little. No need to tell you how much fun that was... particularly with the visual stimulus it provides.


And so it was time for proper intercourse and for Isabelle to jump on top of me for some cowgirl action. After a bit like that, we swapped to doggy, and when I felt I was about to come, down we went to caterpillar to bounce once again on top of her tushy until the final eruption.


Another drink, a bit of rest, another shower, the farewell kissing... and another stamp on my "Go-to-Hell Miles" card. :)

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Afternoon thoughts of delights from BRE. I'm not a regular but the few I've had from Macy's stable were most memorable. Such young nubile talents!

Thanks for the blogs.

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