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Bedroom Eyes - 20/09/09 - Amelia



The change of weather, the warmer days, Spring is among us. With it, you dress in lighter clothing and your hunger is easily satisfied by fresh fruits and vegetables. You see this great produce offered by stores this time of the year. Sexually speaking, something similar happens, and temptation becomes far too great to ignore Macy's ads with photographs of these young beauties, just ripe waiting to be taken like you would with fruit hanging from a tree.




As I've seen a couple of them before, feedback has been exchanged in all possible directions, plus Macy as a responsible Madame also takes advantage of the information that this forum provides. She has a fairly good idea of what makes AndyJ and Little AJ tick. So, I thought it was only logical to simply ask her for a recommendation before making a booking. Macy promptly replied that I should see Amelia, beauty, personality and service considered.


I had seen Amelia's pictures with a blur on her face, and yes, she did look attractive and so were Jordan and Brooke, the other two BRE talents I had the privilege of sampling. However, I don't know if in her position, Macy restrains herself from singling out one of their girls too much when it comes to beauty, but suffices to say that nothing would prepare me for my meeting with Amelia.




Trying to emulate a bit of Macy's prudence, I won't tell you that Amelia is the most beautiful girl I've ever had sex with, but I'll say she's definitely one of the five most beautiful ones... and at present I can't necessarily remember who the other four are.


On Sunday evening at the agreed time, I found myself at the usual city hotel announcing Alex (Bedroom Eyes' man on the field) my presence, to which he immediately texted back the room number where the fun was to take place.




The moment Amelia opened the door, was the moment in which I became a bumbling idiot, and so remained until I left. I don't know how many times I told Amelia that she was beautiful, something that pretty girls like her must be surely tired of hearing. Not that she expressed any discontent; on the contrary, this girl has a personality that goes hand in hand with her beauty. But just for the record, Amelia's stats are: she's a green-eyed blonde, age 23, approx. 170 cm tall, she has a size 6 to 8 body with an athletic build, a full (enhanced) C cup bust, no tattoos and just a tiny landing strip down below.


Amelia offered me a drink and that probably led to the biggest moment of unsafe sex I've ever had: Just when she was ready to pass me the bottle for me to do the honours (after trying herself), the cork went off with extreme and totally unexpected fury, just missing my head by millimetres. Now, I found it funny (how can you not find anything funny when you're with a babe like that), Amelia was a bit freaked out by it but she joined the laughter soon enough. Just imagine what a bizarre scenario could have been if the cork got me! That aside, we shared the bubbles and a nice chat until it was time to get the real action started.




After a quick shower we met at the side of the bed for some pashing while my hands explored Amelia's very toned legs. She was a bit worried that maybe she had been overdoing it at the gym but nothing could be further from the truth and so I reassured her. She also asked me to tell her the things I like, but while in the middle of deep French kissing a gal like her, you just want more of the same; your brain is still a few steps behind. Eventually I got rid of her elegant dress (one of those almost designed to come off and reveal at once a gorgeous body). Me moved on top of the bed with Amelia on top of me. Her hair blocking all vision of anything around us; her face became the only present thing for me as we kept kissing, yet Amelia gradually moved down to give Little AJ the oral attention he was craving.


After that and more kissing, it was my turn to go down on Amelia for some immaculately wet fun there. I suspect she seriously enjoyed that and soon would be time for intercourse... however, not before introducing Amelia to my favourite form of body sliding. It's great when the girls have not experienced this yet but they are eager to try, and not only that, they seem to like it too. She asked me for the name and I replied that it was called Italian... among others. She asked me what others, and as I was thinking I'd need to pay Blundie royalties for the Hotdog Manoeuvre one, we just let ourselves be taken by the moment and left the names thing there. Now, those buttocks could crack walnuts (her buttocks not mine, and no, not my walnuts either). It was one of the highlights of the evening for Little AJ.




However, nothing could match the unbelievable vision of Amelia grinding cowgirl style when we moved on to actual intercourse. It was surreal, so much that I couldn't avoid laughing, yes, laughing... I don't know why but it was the only way I could find to express my state of mind. Needless to say, Amelia found it a bit strange and told me that one is not supposed to laugh while having sex. Of course I wasn't laughing at her, I wasn't laughing with her either... but I was laughing thanks to her, maybe it was just a primal way of expressing my happiness.


Once I managed to keep serious (yet probably with a stupid grin on my face) we switched to doggy and the view from that angle was wunderschoen. With the booking coming close to its end, naturally Amelia wanted me to come and so we switched to caterpillar for the sweaty fireworks finale. I hopefully will be seeing Amelia again (sometimes it takes some time for me to revisit but where there's a will there's a way).


Have I already said she is beautiful? ;)

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